Noelle's Work as a Manager Analysis Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-05

Question A

What are the key aspects of Noelle's work as a manager?

The situation at the Little Rock Plant is a classic example of poor management that breeds a toxic culture in the organization. In the case, Noelle Freeman, the company's CFO, lacked specific managerial aspects to boost a sense of community within the firm. Fredrick's Taylor's scientific management theory and Henri Fayol's Principles of Management, a manager should exhibit various managerial aspects to steer the company forward and enhance employees' performance. Taylor argued that a manager can enhance productivity and efficiency among employees by implementing a positive working culture that fosters maximum prosperity for each member of staff. As a manager, Noelle primarily focused on just numbers rather prioritizing the workers within the firm.

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Leadership is the most significant managerial aspect lacked by the CFO. In most instances, Noelle failed to lead the Little Rock plant's employees in a more efficient manner. The manager had little regards, camaraderie, and responsibility for the staff causing a significant managerial problem. The firm had been experiencing a high turnover rate and growing negative vibe despite experiencing stable financial ground. This can be associated with negative feedback and lack of empowerment in decision making by the management. Fayol theorized that accompanying power and responsibility strengthens cooperation between managers and subordinates (Wren, Bedeian, and Breeze 2002). The management should regularly give orders to employees and encourage their engagement in leadership and supervision roles within the firm. In this case, Noelle could have changed the organizational culture and get rid of toxic culture practiced by a handful of employees. Leadership is a crucial aspect that attracts a positive working culture and mutual responsibility between the management and junior staff in an organization.

Secondly, communication is key to strengthening the manager-worker relationship. As a manager, Noelle should portray excellent communication skills to instill confidence among the team. In his scientific management theory, Taylor argued that good communication not only improves team morale and confidence but also boosts their productivity and efficiency in handling organizational goals (Taylor 2004). Noelle should first identify and learn different communication styles that augment teamwork within the plant. She should also develop an ability to recognize and overcome communication barriers by increasing clarity and accuracy during communication. Besides, a manager should always have active listening abilities to properly understand subordinates' challenges before giving out feedback. As a result, there will be a smooth communication across teams and departments leading to the proper execution of organizational mission and vision. In his management principle of Unity and Command, Fayol argued that communication is a key factor which connects both the manager and employee within an organization (Wren, Bedeian, and Breeze 2002). With an effective communication channel, the staff can receive orders from their manager without hiccups and miscommunication that can increase workplace conflicts.

A manager should also depict high levels of honesty and integrity within an organization. As noted, Noelle lacked these fundamental managerial aspects which contributed to a huge turnover rate in the Little Rock Plant. In many instances, Noelle has not been transparent to the employees regarding the financial situation and vision of the company (Gino 2018). When the firm is facing financial constraints, the management engages in laying off of the workers without honestly engaging them regarding the situation. Consequently, the subordinates started becoming hostile and developed lack of trust due to lack of honesty and integrity by senior staff. Marshall, the plant's supervisor argued that there is no longer fun and cooperation within the plant due to a wage cut and lack of integrity in the management body. Fayol emphasized on the importance of workplace discipline by respecting the core values and having commendable integrity in teamwork (Wren, Bedeian, and Breeze 2002). Thus, a manager should frequently exercise high levels of integrity and be transparent to their employees to improve their trusts and cooperation.

Delegation is another vital managerial aspect that befits Noelle's work. According to Taylor, a company should have a hierarchy of three levels which have different responsibilities and roles. A manager operates at a higher level and should always empower the subordinates at lower levels by delegating leadership and management roles (Taylor 2004). In the plant, several numbers of employees had a positive mindset about the organization with few holding others back with a toxic culture. However, Noelle failed to delegate leadership roles to those believing in the company's core values which contributed to a high level of disengagement. The manager should show trust and value among the staff and empower them by gradually giving them an opportunity to handle high skilled activities within the plant. In case of mistakes, the manager should treat it as a teachable moment and improve their expertise and level of responsibility. As such, a delegation of duties will instantly improve professionalism within the workplace and strengthen teamwork which is key in attaining the set objectives.

Similarly, a manager should boost confidence among the workers. According to Fayol, motivation and productivity can be enhanced through proper remuneration to the employees. In contrary, Noelle has been laying off the workers to improve the financial status of the firm. Subsequently, the organization experienced huge turnover due to lack of motivating factors. Marshall argued that the perks such as bonuses and onsite lunches and dinners that used to bring teams together were cut thus contributing to low confidence levels among the staff (Gino 2018). A manager should implement both monetary and non-monetary remuneration to improve performance levels within the firm (Kusy and Holloway 2009). Increasing responsibilities, financial compensation, credits, and compliment are among the most significant forms of remuneration that increase workers' confidence. Likewise, a manager should avoid frequent threats of dismissal or demotion due to poor performance levels among the employees.

Finally, teamwork and respect for employees are great aspects that befit a manager position. Noelle can make a dramatic turnaround in the Little Rock Plant if she encourages teamwork and respect to supervisors and subordinates. Currently, the firm experiences little cooperation characterized by lack of unity, unattendance to conferences, and lack of sense of community. According to Marshall, employees are non-interested, employees clocking in and out of work, and negative mood and attitude at the workplace (Gino 2018). This is associated with high disregard of the staff by the manager and lack of unity of direction. As a manager, Noelle should ensure the staff works as a team and delegate leadership duties to a supervisor who will be responsible for staff' needs. Teamwork is key in managing workplace tension and ensuring mutual cooperation is achieved between managers and workers (Taylor 2004).

Question B

Which management skills would Noelle need to apply in order to fix the toxic culture at the Little Rock (Arkansas) plant of Franklin Climate Systems? Why are these skills that you selected important in this situation?

A toxic culture within an organization occurs due to lack of key management skills exhibited by respective managers. This is evident in the Little Rock Plant whereby the CFO, Noelle, is unable to govern the firm well due to lack of basic management skills. Firstly, Noelle should apply self-awareness and interpersonal skills to build successful relationships with supervisors and the entire subordinate staff. The manager should be receptive to feedback regarding the working conditions of the employees and show a sense of appreciation (Frost 2004). Additionally, she must have a positive attitude and self-confidence in managing the current situation through promoting collaboration and work ethic within the plant. Secondly, Noelle should play a supportive role through successful leading change and mentoring. Mentoring is a key managerial skill in managing workplace conflicts currently experienced in the plant. Rather than laying off unenthusiastic employees, the manager should pass knowledge and expertise to them through training and individual counselling (Kusy and Holloway 2009).

Thirdly, Noelle should apply planning and coordination skills within the firm. In planning, the manager should adjust the organization's plans to fit the current circumstances facing the firm. For example, she must use critical thinking to come up with a problem-solving policy to minimize the turnover rate. This includes introducing a reward system or improving employees' remuneration. Noelle should align the plant's strategic plan to increase persuasion and networking to achieve teamwork among the staff. On the other hand, coordination will primarily entail knowing what is happening, what needs to happen, and who will be delegated tasks to deal with events at the firm. Currently, Noelle seems to lack proper coordination between her, the CEO, and the supervisors on how to manage the plant. Lack of proper coordination results in widespread miscommunication and tension that contribute to poor employee performance (Mabey 2007). Therefore, Noelle should coordinate the plant's activities by building productive relationships, adapting to changing work environment, bringing much need positive influence, and practising diplomacy. As such, employees will regain a sense of community and collaborate to achieve the set objectives.

Effective problem solving and decision-making skills are also fundamental in fixing this toxic culture. Notably, the management body in the organization had been making key decisions without involving other stakeholders. The CEO and CFO have been laying off workers and cutting their wages without involving employees in the decision-making process. Consequently, a high number of staff either quit their positions or become demoralized and unable to perform their activities more effectively. Equally, the executive team led by Noelle lack the essential problem-solving skill to manage the current situation. Problem-solving skill helps managers to come up with practical and innovative solutions that minimize workplace tensions (Frost 2004). Noelle should use strategic thinking and come up with a snap decision to tackle frequent leadership challenges that are tearing apart the plant. This includes organizing an employee-employer conference or organizing rewards and on-site lunches and dinner to bring a positive culture within the plant.

Nevertheless, the manager should use motivation and empowerment skills to manage the current situation. Little Rock plant has been operating with little sense of delegation by the executive to the subordinates. For instance, there is been no motivation between teams and departments because of strict regulations within the firm. There is a lack of delegation of leadership roles to supervisors which ultimately lowers their morale to lead team members. As such, Noelle should delegate several duties to specific passionate individuals to improve their passion for the work. This can be further achieved by directing the employees on what to do. Marshall, the plant supervisor seems to be unaware of what to do to regain employees' trust and turn around the plant....

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