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Date:  2022-10-06

Running a business successfully requires various skills and techniques particularly for the leaders. One of the skills necessary is right or good decision making especially when it comes to managing people since one mistake or wrong choice can have detrimental effects on the company. In this case study, Abdul a manager at Newgen company finds himself in an unhealthy situation with his subordinate Hanh Chen who does not like the idea of working under Amie Lee who is recently appointed as a supervisor. According to Chen, Ms. Lee is not a technical supervisor and therefore he would like to report directly to Abdul. He claims that Ms. Lee has no background of professional work and for her to supervise the engineering department is not the correct choice. Abdul, on the other hand, sees Ms. Lee as the perfect supervisor, and this creates an unhealthy working environment. This is a common problem in many workplaces with some employees will not always agree with promotion handed to their colleagues for one reason or the other. However, how manages to handle this problem will determine how good they are in conflict management and how fast the company will regain normalcy.

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The problem Abdul faces revolves various areas of organizational behavior including values and personality, communication, stress management, organization change, conflict and negotiation (Rahim, 2017). Abdul could have avoided this problem by following professional guidelines when it comes to hiring and promotion. Though Ms. Lee was talented, experienced, and hardworking, her department is customer service, not the technical department. Abdul could have done evaluations first and post the job formally through the human resource department. He should have divided the department into technical and customer service where everybody would apply according to their qualification and experience. Moreover, the problem could have been avoided by Abdul confronting Hahn and explaining to him why he chooses Ms. Lee and more importantly why he things she fits that role. However, as much as experience is critical in running any leadership role, it should not be the only factor to determine if one should be promoted or hired in a particular job.

My solution to this issue in Newgen Company is that both Chen and Ms. Lee should come together, talk and discuss their problems and differences in private that is without a third person. It would help clear the air and perhaps each of them could explain their position and their feeling towards each other since firing or transferring them is not the best idea as the issue could resurface later with different individuals. Giving them time and space to find the root cause of their differences and possibly find a solution would be the best way to approach the problem according to me. However, if a solution is not found, rumors with a different twist would start going around the company affecting the reputation of the company. Therefore, Abdul as the manager in charge should approach the issues differently and start listening to different opinions and suggestions from every involved individual. In this case, Abdul should arrange a meeting between the two departments as moves towards finding a solution.

Additionally, Abdul should put more effort to prove to Cheng that Ms. Lee deserves that promotion. Abdul could arrange a project that sees Ms. Lee, and Mr. Cheng works together. Cheng would have a chance to see what skills and the reasons why the manager had given Ms. Lee the promotion. Moreover, this time would allow them to bond and perhaps eliminate the differences that exist between them. The two employees have never worked together before, and this project can open up new ideas on how they can cooperate.

To ensure this problem would not occur again, it is essential for the managers and other leaders to provide that they listen to the opinions of each member before making the final decision. Moreover, the company should ensure that before hiring or giving out promotion, candidates or employees are given a chance to compete fairly. Promotion should be done in an open manner and candidates should be qualified for those particular positions before they are selected. Additionally, the company should create promotion policies that should be left to the human management to enforce them. The company can review and implement the already existing HR policies, and if there is a need to create new ones, the administration should build them. The policies should detail that performance evaluations are required when doing promotions so that every employee can understand the criteria used. The manager should also undergo additional training especially when it comes to organization and employee management. Moreover, it is essential for the human resource to undergo training when it comes to the hiring process to ensure they have the latest skills and procedures relating to employment.

The Newgen case study covers various issues revolving organization behavior such as employees' attitude towards their job, conflict and conflict resolution and decision making. One of the main problem identified in this scenario is resistance to change. According to Pinder (2014), employees can sometimes have a negative attitude towards change which makes them not to think through and sometimes they may undergo stress in the workplace making them quit the job or have poor performances. Resistance can be deferred, immediate, implicit, or overt depending on the individual and the conditions leading to the conflict. Among all these types of resistance, deferred or inherent resistance like the one in this case study is the toughest to manage. However, according to Robbins and Judge (2017), various tactics can be used to counter resistance including selecting individuals who accept coercion and change, cooptation and manipulation, implementing changes in a fair manner, developing a positive relationship, building commitment and support, participation and proper communication and education. Abdul could utilize some of these tactics to try and counter the conflict that developed between Ms. Lee and Chen. Moreover, the CEO Graham Raphael should intervene and create effective hiring processes, and offer training to a different department in the company including the human resource led by Carlos Montoya.


Leadership, job satisfaction, and personalities are some of the theories covered in this case study. Personality relates to how individuals relate to each other which in turn affects their attitude and job performance (Luthans, Luthans & Luthans, 2015). Job satisfaction, on the other hand, is critical in organizational behavior as it determines how well an employee will be motivated. It can develop as a result of good working conditions, proper supervision, compelling work and a robust reward system (Rahim, 2017). Leadership is critical for any company to be successful. Leaders make decisions that can either build or break a business. Leaders need to think through before deciding as it can affect employee's relationships and overall performance.


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