Cultural and Organizational Ethics Analysis Essay

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Date:  2022-08-03


The company should move its operations to Kenya. The reason behind this is because the ethical, pertinent laws and sustainability factors in Kenya closely resemble those of the United States. To begin with, when setting up a business in the US, it requires an individual to indicate the company name and the state to form the corporation or LLC and later how to maintain the LLC. Before starting operations, applications for patent, trademark, copyrights, logos, slogans, and symbols are mandatory. Similarly, in the Kenyan scenario, one needs to apply for patent, trademark, copyrights, logos, slogans, and symbols. On top of that, one must have a company name, copy passport/ID, shareholder's PIN, two passport photo sizes, postal address CR8, company's registration form CR1, signed company memorandum with share capital CR2, certificate of incorporation, KRA PIN certificate and the PIN acknowledgment receipt.

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Breaching of the pertinent laws is against the Kenyan law. The copyright laws will grant the company exclusive rights to distribute its products. The intellectual property rights will give exclusive rights to the company for its products and innovations. Patents will provide a license conferring a right excluding others from manufacturing the company's products or using and selling their product innovations. In Kenya, the company will use its trademark to promote and brand its goods thus expanding the market segment. The company information and business secrets would be protected to avoid exploitation by unauthorized people, leaking of methods of manufacturing the company products and the technological processes involved in manufacturing cycles. Plagiarism is punishable in the Kenyan law, and the aspect would ensure others do not duplicate the company ideas.

Technology in Kenya is advancing at a high rate. Since the sea cable was set up in the Indian Ocean, the internet speed has dramatically improved. Almost all offices and households have an internet connection either through the wireless technology or the local area network/ Ethernet technology. There are also public transport vehicles that have a wireless internet connection. Setting its operations in Kenya, the company would be able to reach a broad market segment by electronically advertising the company products through E-commerce capabilities like through the social media platforms, selling its products online, making online advertisements for the products using banners in the most accessed websites. The company could also set up a website that would advertise its products, events and give real-time notifications.

Mobile phones have become very cheap in Kenya making almost everyone to afford to buy, and nearly all phones including the cheap ones have access to the internet. The phones have applications such as Facebook that can be used to reach a broad group of customers at a time. The company could use such platforms to advertise its products and give alerts on its news and upcoming promotional events. The Kenyan environment has mobile transfer platforms such as T-Kash for Telkom subscribes, M-PESA for Safaricom subscribers and Airtel money for Airtel subscribers. These money transfer platforms would ensure that the company can receive payments for products from customers promptly. Tap and pay technology in the Kenyan environment such as the One tap being offered by Safaricom would enable customers to make payments for the company's products using the E-wallet that is connected to their bank accounts and used in the form of a card, ring, key, and other ways to make payments for the products. After tapping, the product cost would be deducted from the E-wallet, and it gives the customer an electronic receipt showing the transaction cost, time and the balance.

The Kenyan government has embarked on reducing tax for investors who set up businesses in Kenya. The aspect would be beneficial to the company as it would significantly reduce the cost of expanding its operations to Kenya compared to other countries. In terms of sustainability, the company would have the opportunity to utilize locally available resources to manufacture its products without having to import raw materials and local labor in Kenya is readily available and cheaper. In addition to that, The Kenyan population is highly educated only second to South Africa in the African continent. The act would enable the company to employ highly competitive personnel in various people without having to outsource labor. The Kenyan environment also provides loans through banks and Saccos. The aspect would enable the company to borrow money to run its operations and conduct research and development activities. With the number of public universities at thirty-two and a good number of private ones, the company's research and development activities would get a big boost thus improving overall quality and service.


However, regarding the issue of ethics, a percentage of Kenyan employees do not adhere to laid out ethical procedures as they get involved in leaking company secrets when they leave one company to another, and some don't attend work punctually or abscond duty at times. The aspect is contrary to what happens in the US where employees are punctual and rarely abscond duty. To mitigate this, I would propose that the company should have biometrics mechanism at the entrance to record the time an employee comes to work and then paid against the hours attended and not on a mandatory monthly salary. The salary should also employ performance appraisal mechanisms; give better pay and annual bonuses to boost its performance in the Kenyan scenario.

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