NewFronts: Digital Advertising Growth, But TV Prefered By Key Advertisers - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-01


NewFronts is a platform that offers an opportunity for digital media companies to position their brand before the potential advertisers. Digital advertising has witnessed a significant growth rate. However, key advertisers are pulling out to TV advertisings. It is because of issues of uncertain environments for their advertisements and fraud in digital content companies. The concerns about fraud and unpleasant environment contribute to advertisers worth millions of dollars, prefer TV to digital platforms. To overcome the challenge of negative perception from advertisers, digital content companies are now focusing on premium video. Most of the presenters in the NewFronts offers the assurance of quality content, brand safety, and handling of fraud to improve service for their customers. The world is changing, and the young generation spends more time watching videos on their phones and digital platforms abandoning traditional TVs. It attracts digital advertising companies to have an excellent public relation to having more clients.

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Relevance and Applicability

Public relations among the advertising companies are vital to ensure the successful running of the business. A lot of ad-supportive videos create a bad client experience for the digital advertisement platform clients (Huang et al., 2017). Bad public relations of the industry, is making digital advertisement businesses to record a decrease in growth rate from 19% to 6%. The entire industry gets impacted by unpleasant behaviors experienced in some of the industry players such as Facebook faced with issues of harmful content and fraud (Huang et al., 2017). Google's YouTube is a contributor to the slow growth of the industry. It is after advertisers eventually noticed that their messages were running next to questionable material.

Safety issues are more emphasized during NewFronts in efforts to create positive public opinion for respective participants. It is a priority to assure the sponsors on the environment for running their ads and also the reach of the ads (Huang et al., 2017). The public is mostly concerned with issues that involve viewability and measurement and controversial content. They create a negative perception of the people. TWITTER is providing premium, high-quality content, and offers in scale to all their clients through rich targeting, which is enabled by data collected. Good public relations of twitter made it partners with many clients to use the platform.

The provision of quality and premium content should be applied in public relations to shape public opinion. NewFronts being a channel of communication between media buyers or advertisers and the digital video companies, public relations techniques should be employed by advocating for supreme service provision (Huang et al., 2017). A public relations practitioner, the same as NewFronts participants, should make use of available platforms to emphasize the quality of their activities and how the shortcoming get handled. It builds a robust public relations and positive perception from the target audience and improves business performance.


The digital content companies are platforms that help in creating customer loyalty and creating brand awareness. Running ads near unquestionable contents, prioritizing customer safety, and offering premium videos are essential in public relations (Tiago et al., 2014). It affects the growth and trustworthiness of digital advertisement platforms, for instance, Facebook and twitter. All these agree with the article, which concentrates on giving quality content and minimizing cases of consumer complaints. The satisfaction of clients on the way messages get passed to the public determines the overall performance of the digital ads companies.

Research by Tiago et al., (2014), revealed that satisfaction of the client is the prime determinant of loyalty. Adds that good public relations associated with a company enhanced its brand among the public. Digital content platforms for ads improve public relations, which further brand equity, client satisfaction, value, and commitment of the targeted audience (Tiago et al., 2014). Marketing managers utilize the opportunity of public communication platforms like NewFronts to improve public perception in creating customer loyalty.

Critical Evaluation

The articles acknowledge the concerns raised on digital content companies that surround uncertain environments and fraud. The problems affect the public relations for the industry. It later proposes recommendations that can be applied to curb the concerns. Some of the solutions emphasized on premium videos and collaboration with the sponsors. The article is then crucial to public relations participants as they learn the problems of digital ads and possible solutions to ensure good relations with the sponsors and clients.

Different participants in NewFronts have come up with new techniques to facilitate client satisfaction and upward driving of sales. Some of the methods proved to be productive, especially in Hulu, and others are suggestions. Given the technology emerging and customers' preferences changing in alignment with technology, digital advertisement companies are relevant to public relations participants. PRPs need to understand matters concerning online ads to develop informed policies on digital platforms. The field of digital advertisements needs to share its innovations in improving service delivery practices in the entire industry. They can be applied across all the media to ensure a functional approach is standardized for enhancements of public relations. The article would be of more significant advantage if it stated the specific measure taken by the successful platforms in the industry, such as TWITTER.


Huang, Y. H. C., Wu, F., & Huang, Q. (2017). Does research on digital public relations indicate a paradigm shift? An analysis and critique of recent trends. Telematics and informatics, 34(7), 1364-1376.

Tiago, M. T. P. M. B., & Veríssimo, J. M. C. (2014). Digital marketing and social media: Why bother? Business Horizons, 57(6), 703-708.

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