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Fatigue, burnouts and stress-related issues are one of the current issues that almost most companies are faced with. With the current state and laws that many countries are coming up with the aid of the employees and also in support of workplace safety. Without safety at the workplace then there will be catastrophic events that can result in payouts and even legal issues. Safety has to be one of the priorities in a company and any other organization. When safety is adhered to then the workplace will be a place where each and every employee feels safe and also feels like they are at home. Imagine a machine operator being drunk and the management does not even care. What happens next is a scenario where if found dead at work or they cause machine failure, then there will be serious damage and implications on the finances. Therefore, it is important for any company to first formulate safety and healthy working conditions for its employees.

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Potentially Hazardous Conditions

In my observation of the workplace at there are serious health and safety precautions that the employees are facing. Some of the potential harm include:

a) The existence of potential fire in case the cables blow up.

b) Harmful and potential rays radiated by the cables.

c) Presence of strenuous eyes due to longtime staring at computers.

d) Electrical hazards

e) Falls due to tangled wires

When such a case is presented in any company the possible there have to be measures formulated to curb the presented hazards (Stave & Wald, 2016). The introduction of proper cabling will reduce the impacts of accidental falls. Also, in order to reduce the potential harm, there should be a risk assessment of the hazards at work. Review the risks and also determine how to reduce or completely reduce it to zero risks. If the risk involves employees, then it is suitable that all employees should be taken through a screening procedure.

Screening procedure helps in evaluating the risk that an employee might face at the workplace and also the stress they are undergoing and hence help in eradicating the safety problem. According to (Dessler, 2013) through thorough screening and deployment of the personnel, dangerous acts will be reduced to a minimum. The stress level can be detected and the proper interventions are put in place so that the necessary actions are taken. If an employee is stressed due to family or work, then they should be treated with utmost keenness and also given the help they require. An organization should introduce psychologist and also human resource persons who are skilled in offering employees welfare. When skilled persons are introduced to deal with employees then proper measures can be taken to reduce harm and also stress.

What can be done to ensure the safety of our employees at their workplaces? This question can be tricky since not all employees come from the same area. One thing can be done that will change their behaviors is the fact that they are appreciated at all cost. Work appreciations make employees feel valued and also important. The second thing is the introduction of shifts in working hours, long working hours reduces the potential productivity. The productivity of workers can be increased if only they work in shifts and reduced working hours. Valued employees work and behave safely at work, employees behave according to how they are valued.


To diminish possible complications of tension and burnout in the organization, the company should introduce team building activities, less working hours, employees get together, and also appreciations (Dessler, 2013). When all the above are incorporated in a company program, then there will be reduced stressed and burnouts. There are many ways to deal with stress and burnout, among them is; getting enough rest which will help in the clearing of the mind and meditation. Finding a more suitable job which its terms are favorable and bearable can help in the eradication of stress (Dessler, 2013). The safety at work places is the duty and responsibility of both the worker and the employer under the Occupational Safety Health Act. The employers are accountable for ensuring that working places are not exposed to danger that may harm both the company and the people around the company.


Stave, G. M., & Wald, P. H. (Eds.). (2016). Physical and biological hazards of the workplace. John Wiley & Sons.

Dessler, G. (2013). Human resource management.

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