Neglect of Parental Responsibility Essay

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Date:  2022-05-26

Having a child is equivalent to having one's heart outside the body (Kenneth Ginsburg).It, therefore, calls for parents to do their part in so far as molding the right posture for the future of the children is concerned. Children start to learn more things that they experience while growing up in different stages of their growth, which in turn affect their personality. Therefore, education and learning in children are like inscriptions in stones, and they get to stick to the absorbed content. It is equated to a plant that grows healthy when with good roots. Parental ideologies of raising children can either positively or negatively affect the family or society. To bring positive results to the family and the society, parents ought to be responsible in upbringing their children. Children should be taught positive things that rhyme with the ethical code of the society. They should also be loved. It is because they constitute the next generation. Mothers are the first schools for their children hence they must take the responsibility of teaching them how to think to cultivate the necessary skills which will enhance the achievement of noble goals in future as the quote goes. (Margaret Mead). They should also be rightly guided to cultivate the right behavior. It can be achieved through accordance with the right environment. It is because a normal human being has, since childhood intellectual, psychological, emotional and physical talent hence a call on the parents to work in developing such talents and discover the children's capabilities. In such a process, the strengths and weaknesses of children will get realized early in their lives, and look for work on their weaknesses while capitalizing on their strengths and encouraging the skills as they cultivate a better future. Children are also less suspecting hence the likelihood to get duped. Also, the emotional part and feelings of an individual occupy a significant proportion of their lives and are significant in shaping their personalities and future, hence the need to be carefully nurtured from a person's tender age.

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On the other hand, neglect of parental responsibility leads to the emergence of free-range children, who bring about negative aspects to the family and the society. It is because free-range children are disorganized and lacking in the ethical conducts required in the society. They tend to be violent. Also, they are at risk for their future of believing anybody as seen in the post. (Credit: Daniel Prendergast). They will thus get hurt in the process. They are also created in a lousy society. Their future is therefore dark due to the unavailability of the required parental guidance.

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