Donald Trump: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Political Science Essay Example

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Date:  2021-03-25

The loud, egomaniac and wealthy racist Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has caused an uproar not only in America where he is currently vying for the presidency but also across the globe. America is a great nation and time like now; all eyes are on this nation to keep up with the election updates of which the outcomes will affect everyone in one way or the other (Rainey, "Weak, Arrogant, Liar: The Top 20 Words Voters Use to Describe Trump, Bush and Clinton"). Despite the major setbacks he has had, Donald Trump has cited several achievements in his career as a vibrant, successful businessman in America.

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The good

Trump took it up upon himself to renovate the Wollman Rinks in the year 1986. The renovation was timely and strictly complied with the allocated budget. Since then, Wollman Rinks has remained to be a Central Park fixture which receives more than 5 million visitors yearly, who come from all corners of the world (Stuever, "How Reality TV Gave Us Reality Candidate Donald Trump"). This has positively contributed to the American economy.

The Trump organization is the biggest of Trump's businesses. The billion-dollar business company, which is located in Trump Tower develops residential real estates, operates, invests and owns hotel golf courses in different countries. This organization spans a number of industries including magazine publication; media model management, business education, online travel airlines as well as board game development. This offers a lot of people employment.

The Apprentice, the name given to the reality TV show started by Donald Trump was a success and it stood for the gaudy opulence, the emblematic wealth and nothing but the best came out of the show (Stuever, "How Reality TV Gave us Reality Candidate Donald Trump"). He portrayed good leadership skills, a master of sure and swift business skills which challenged people thinking and doing all they could to please him and win a six-figure contract in his employ. He took advantage of the show to instill good morals in people, despising liars, dishonesty as well as loathing self-deprecation and lack of confidence. He brought re-known successful people to the show that instilled ideas in people as well as motivating the audience to venture into the business world without fear or considering any setbacks that may inhibit them. The show was all round, from racing and fashion designing to cooking and dancing.

The Bad

In the year 1988, Donald Trump entered into business with an airline company where he purchased the Eastern Air Shuttle. He added 17 Boeing 727s into the company, which operated between Boston, Washington D.C. and New York City, costing him lump total of around $365 million (Finder, "The Koch-Trump Feud; The Mayor's Political Fortunes and Television City Could be affected by NBC's Possible Relocation"). Despite the new touch he gave to the airline like Chrome seat-belt latches and gold-colored bathroom floors, this did not increase interest in the customer. Together with the high jet fuel that the planes consumed, the business did not yield any profits and instead Trump had to withdraw from this company due to the accumulation of debts and losses.

In February 2009, Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. all three gambling casinos faced a decline in tourists who preferred gambling in other places like Pennsylvania, thus consequently filing for bankruptcy protection consequently three times in a row.

In the year 2005, a non-accredited for-profit Trump University was opened by Trump. It was sued twice; first by four students for offering classes that amounted to extended infomercials and by the New York Attorney General for defrauding students $40 million (Finder, "The Koch-Trump Feud; The Mayor's Political Fortunes and Television City Could be affected by NBC's Possible Relocation"). This saw the institution change its name to Entrepreneur Initiative before ending its operations the following year.

Another instance of bankruptcy recorded of Trump is the Trump magazine that he named after himself. This magazine was described as reflecting and tapping into rich culture tapestry. It was denied publication.

Donald Trump has had bad luck when it came to marriage. He has been divorced twice. Firstly, he divorced with Czech model Ivana Zelnickova who divorced him in accounts that he had an affair with Marla Maples and his treatment to her was cruel and inhuman. Secondly, he divorced with Maple where they formally separated in May 1997 after being married for just a couple of months (Finder, "The Koch-Trump Feud; The Mayor's Political Fortunes and Television City Could be affected by NBC's Possible Relocation").

Business wise, Donald Trump has been involved in whole lot range of feuds. One instance is the feud between him and the Koch. Mr. Trump called the city mayor MR. Koch a moron and added that the city under Ed Koch was a disaster and that the mayor should resign (Finder, "The Koch-Trump Feud; The Mayor's Political Fortunes and Television City Could be Affected by NBC's Possible Relocation"). He called the mayor these bitter words because the mayor could not agree on the greedy deals of Trump of wanting of tax abatements for Trump Tower.

The Ugly

Donald Trump has been accused of being a racist in several occasions. There were many occasions when he portrayed this in public without fear of what people may think of him. He attacked the father to the late Army Captain Humayun Khan when he spoke against bigots rhetoric of Trump. He said that the father had never read the American constitution and hence disrespectfully handed him a copy of the constitution. Trump has occasionally said that he will deport all the foreigners living in America back to their countries if voted in as the president of America. He also said that federal Judge Gonzalo presiding over a class against his university scandal could not fairly hear the case since he was Mexican and also added that he would build a wall around American and Mexico would cater for all that expense. When it came to blacks, he commented by saying that he had black accountants and he hated the idea of black people counting his money.

Greed is a character that Donald Trump has all though portrayed in his career. There have been occasions when he refused to release his financial information as well as refusal to pay tax returns to the government claiming that his business went bankrupt due to government failure. His university fraud students on several occasions and the institution had to be sued. There are several occasions when he failed to pay employees and contractors that he owed. He has been using money which is channeled to his charitable family foundation for his own good and thus the donors have been left with a dozen questions on why Trump runs afoul of laws in this issue.

The Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has faced several lawsuits. Recently women have come forth with lawsuits against Trump (Avila, "Donald Trumps Companies Have Faced Lawsuits over Treatment of Women Employees). They claim to have lost their jobs from Trump companies after complaining that they were harassed at their place of work by managers as well as Trump himself.

With all these vices portrayed by Donald Trump, I concluded that he is unfit for a very delicate seat like that of the presidency and people should make an informed decision considering his bankruptcy morally as well as business wise. His meanness, greed, sexual harassment to women and corruption automatically kicks him out of the list of people Americans should consider as leaders. People should look beyond his success in business and get to know well the person who is about to fail them terribly.

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