Essay Sample on Nike's Marketing Ethics: Balaclava Controversy

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The primary purpose of this report is to explore and address some of the business marketing ethical dimensions and considerations based on the picture question regarding the credibility of the clothes products that was withdraw from Nikes websites after several federal government alleging that the product question tends to condone criminal and gang activities (Dolez et al.,2018). This comes after a series of backfire for marking and distribution of menacing in a balaclava. The criticism has led the need of summative report guideline concerning the matters regarding the credibility of the products. In this regards, the dilemma is critical to the growth and development of the company and if the Nike administrations disregard the general public concerns and values, it will end up tarnishing and affecting the reputation of the company by losing its marketing mix and products market control powers in the near future and therefore it is critical to establish an ethical manner of business management. This report is written to the Nike senior manager to address the prevailing challenge of the company to help the manager identify and establish the required and enable the manage confident enough in engaging the behavior of the company's stakeholders and prevent or minimize the chances of any instance occurrence that might end-up turning the company's name in the future by avoiding unethical business management and distribution of the products.

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The ethical business management is the practice of identifying the desirable code of conduct and relationship in a society and all its environmental surrounding through avoidance of going against the norms and values of the general community and the entire social system(Kolk, 24) This is achieved through sustainable cooperate governance and formulation policy framework to that try to curb the existing and widening gap od controversial behaviour such social discrimination, social responsibility alongside fiduciary accountabilities.

Business and enterprise management ethics are primarily rooted and established on three-dimension approaches and strategies such consequentialism, virtues of ethical consideration alongside the deontology which usually controls and directs the personal responsibilities of diverse marketing drivers and actors in any particular business environments to enhance and promote business operations and sustainability. The Nike's manager should consider the values and norms of the entire social system through conducting marketing analysis and the views of the general public based their perception and assimilations of the new products before launching the product or uploading. The social system is regulated and guided by specific norms that are considered as the primary force of attraction and binding factors towards the peace, unity, and respects that leads to socialization. Any products that seem to contradict with the norms and values of the society such as the product that launched by the Nike company that appears to condone and supporting the criminal behavior and some form of social discrimination based on the skin color tends to alienate and tear the social system into different groups. Such kind of unethical behavior will automatically receive public criticism and backfire the company and end up tarnishing the company's reputation and its trademark in business marketing platforms.

Marketing usually goes beyond the distribution and provision or accessibility of the well appealing products, and that seems to manipulate the most of the company's primary and well-known celebrities who have massive mass of supporters that might add more new client, but it all revolves around the ethics of the marketing and our societal values, norms and beliefs that guide and control the acceptable behavior (Ackers, 2015, pg.10) In this regards the Nike company should marketing business ethics the subset of the physical characteristics of the products.

Types and Nature of Stakeholders Are Affected or Will Affect the Scenario of Nike’s Company

Stakeholders in marketing and ethical business work collaboratively to ensure smooth and interactive business activities. Some of the marketing and business stakeholders that need s to be taken into consideration include, organizational clients, company employee, strategic partners, and investors, among many others.

Prospect Customers and Existing Clients

When the company has well established, and appealing platform of existing client alongside the future is expected clients, the respective organization company should seek to develop make a robust binding foundation that creates, promote the distribution of the company's brand (McMurrian and Matulich, 85). The company has no specific role in speaking about the qualities of the products, but it is the responsibility of the company's client promote the characteristics of the new product. To control the company's reputation, it is vital to establish what the client needs through observing and creating the ethical consideration of the social systems. The scenarios in Nike's company will affect the client behavior and perception towards the company since they will feel devalued.

Company's Employees

Employees of the company paly an essential role in promotion and marketing of the products since they interact with the existing and prospect clients on a daily basis and they part of the social system strive to preserve and protect the values and norms of the society (Gupta, 2017. pg.106) If they believe in the new product invented or introduced by the company management designers, they will automatically promote the product. If the Nike company continue producing the products that most employees don't support, it will not improve the product when they meet with potential customers.

Strategic Partners and Government Regulators

In most cases, the company's professional associates and vendors one of the stakeholders that are influenced by the brand of the product which force them to come up with the unplanned conceptual framework for a situation like affected the Nike company image and reputation. No company or organization enjoys being bunched the policymakers of the federal government (Jamali, Karam, and Blowfield, 2017. pg.8). They always tend to protect the voice and will of the people whom they represent. If the company's brand just like that is in the image under question infringes the general public intellectual property and tend to mislead or contradicts with national set rules and standards will automatically force the policymakers to sanction the product or the brand.


Business and enterprise practices are one of the critical points the management of Nike company needs to address in particular since it's the one that sells the name and reputations of the company from one generation to another as a form and primary channel for product and service promotion and marketing through public perception. For instance, the new product and picture in question is not being judged based on the quality and any form of customers' satisfaction but based on cultural and social related issues point of view such as security.


In conclusion, The Nikes management team should not primarily restrict product marketing alone instead the management team of Nike company should consider creating diverse influence by spreading and showing their concerns of respecting the society values and norms alongside establishment and identifications societal salient identities of the individuals in the social system to enhance and promote health and desirable perception and interaction of the products and the people in a particular social networks (Kimber, and Siemensma,2016,pg.69). The Nike's company should also consider identifying principle guideline and Business activities and management team that is usually governed by a broad spectrum of principle guidelines that are heavily rooted on ethical considerations which are expected by each businessman and marketers need to uphold in the social system structure.

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