Museum Exhibitions: Emotional, Intellectual & Physical Experience - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-06


Museum exhibition designs serve an essential role in the exploration awareness to the life of an individual. The design displays make the museums to be creative and unique to the visitors on the scene. Concerning the cultural museum exhibition, I visited, there is numerous lesson that motivated me in taking part in any museum exhibition design activity. The primary purpose of this cultural museum exhibition was to create an emotional, intellectual, and physical component to the audiences (Ahmad et al., 374).The museum was connecting to a different audience through a compelling emotional connection activity such as storytelling and interpretations. The audience was being educated and enlighten on various arts and designs in the scenes. In the cultural museum, their people from all races, ethnicities, religions, and cultures.

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Some of the main challenges most museum faces are an engaging interpretation of the audience's different cultures. The number of audience expectations is increasingly high, a factor that discouraged most people from taking part in the museum activities. The study will address how the curator expresses his concern on the cultural exhibition and how community and respect values have transformed the cultural museum exhibition (Ferdyn et al.,124). During the museum exhibition trip, we meet a curator who gave us specific tips and guidance in the different art and design exhibitions. The curator was a content creator and skill-oriented person; he used his voice, signs, and experience in the museum exhibitions. The curator also gave us direction and steps to follow in every proceeding at the museum exhibition.

The curator consequence was when he described the culture of the art exhibition. The curator also forgets some of the ethics and norms concerning their health. The implication that the curator was facing was a lack of understanding and audience perception of the product. According to the curator, he wanted all audiences to understand the cultural differences in the communities and their roles in society. The curator was also a concern in educating and leading viewers in understanding the SLU core values in the cultural museum exhibition (Schorch et al., 223). On the other hand, the curator helped in the description of different similarities and differences based on society's culture.


According to the cultural museum exhibition, community core values were the main body that was described by the curator. As a community, the core value of unity, love, belonging, trust, and respect are but some factors that emerge in the cultural museum exhibition (Schorch et al., 216). Community values create a platform where all the people's opinions and ideas are heard without any discrimination.


Respect value is the ability to honor an individual unique talent, dignity, and personality. The cultural exhibition taught how it is essential to respect the opinion and ideas of different people in society. Curator, for instance, demonstrated the value of respect when he listens and allowed a diverse audience to give their opinions.

During the cultural art exhibition, the curator decided to use objects and real plays from the viewer. The following technique boosted the viewer's interest in learning about the cultural differences and measures that took place in the community. The curator also engages the audiences by asking the question and replying to their questions on the cultural museum factor. The curator type of communication that curator chooses has a significant impact on the analysis and synthesis of the cultural activities that took part in the museum exhibition. According to the opinion of the curator, he wanted to attract the most viewer to visit the museum more frequently.

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