Movies Verses Books: Romeo and Juliet Essay Example

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Date:  2022-12-10

Notably, to begin with, movies and books contain the same idea but they contrast in some way. A movie, for instance, may not portray the real version of a film as it is written in a book. Books and movies slightly differ in their presentation of actions. Movies may be refurbished every other time but for books, it is a bit hard and time-consuming. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy by William Shakespeare about two young lovers who die in the name of love (Shakespeare, 2003). The book was written in ancient time today, mostly movie and drama about the book are very common.

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Romeo and Juliet movie and the play differ in some ways. First, there is a difference between the mood in the movie and the book. The presentation of mood in both funeral and marriage ceremony is altered in the production of the movie. In the book the funeral ceremony is very serious, the family of Juliet is very distressed because they have a notion that they caused Juliet's death and Friar consoles the family for losing a young soul this is found on act five, scene two, line sixty-five of the book.

However, in the movie, the scene of the funeral is in a sad mood but Friar pretends to pray for Juliet as he lets out a giggle. This act of giggling by Friar may change the flow of the play if somebody had noticed it. The people in the funeral may have questioned him about his giggling and since he had no answer for that he could just talk what he knows and this makes the movie unrealistic hence making the book produce a better production of the funeral scene and most importantly the original one.

There is also a difference in the mood of the marriage ceremony too in both the movie and play. During the marriage scene in the play, Romeo and Juliet act seriously and this can be noted by the reader. Romeo in the book says that the Holy Words spoken by Friar may bring out something without equality this is found in act two, scene six and in line four while in the movie version the bride and groom kiss and giggle all the time and this may make the viewer think that Franco Zefferelli wants Romeo and Juliet look like fools, that they cannot do something as it should be done because they are young and desperate in quick love Boose, L.E (2005). However, this version of the movie is not realistic because every young person takes marriage seriously because it is a new step in life. The play then owns the original format of the marriage scene.

Thirdly, another difference is noticed at the ending of the story. In the book, Romeo family and Juliet's family are finally in good terms with each other during the funeral of the two. The end of the bitter feud between the families is shown when Montague's shake hands with the Capulet's and they decide to design a statue of Juliet made in gold, this happens in act five , scene three, line two hundred and ninety-five .Contrary, in the movie the families are together because of the funeral ceremony and the only thing they do to recognize each other is walking in church while turning to face their equals in the opponent family.

Romeo and Juliet had a goal that their marriage would end up quarrels between their families which the movie version does not fulfill the goal effectively achieved in the play because it ends in a happy way which is expected by every reader. The happiness is brought about by the fulfillment of the most important goal of Romeo and Juliet's marriage which is to bring peace between the families although they died for the peace.

The begging of the play is represented differently in both the movie and the play version. The movie alters the original begging form of the play in some aspects. In the play, Romeo is trying to get over Rosaline rejection in the first act, scene one, line one hundred and fifty-five. The rejection of Rosaline definitely would make Romeo furious and this could result in him bouncing to any other person who comes across him and this is Juliet. However, this means that, if he had never met Rosaline and be rejected, Romeo could not have known Juliet.

Contrary, in the movie the viewer just know that Romeo is upset by something which is never brought out. Zefferelli, the producer of the movie, could have made sense by showing what makes Romeo angry rather than out doing it and making the viewer guess what is happening to Romeo. With this in mind, the play appears more realistic and original as compared to the movie. The reader has no reason to guess because everything in the play is put in black and white for him or her as compared to the viewer.


In conclusion, with the pieces of evidence given above; the mood of both funeral and marriage ceremony, details of the plot in the begging and at the end, the play automatically becomes the best production of the story. However, there are many more shreds of evidence which make the movie contrast the book. If the producer of the movie would have made his work more of art than production and bring out the art clearly Zefferelli could have done the best movie of Shakespeareans work Jorgens, J.J (1977).

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