Movie Analysis Essay on The End of Poverty

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Date:  2022-06-22


One of the ways applied in focusing on the attention of individuals is through movies especially on matters that are of much importance and urgent in the communities. Movies do not deal with problems in particular part of the world but also with the issues that affect human beings. For instance, globalization has become one of the greatest topics ever discussed by the economists. Furthermore, globalization has also become a common feature in the world of cinematography. Do people continue to ask themselves, what are some of the causes of poverty in the world? Billions of people in the southern part of the world continue to live in poverty and slums while people in the Northern part continue to be rich. However, the cinema "The End of Poverty" Is an instant answer or explanation for this problem? Mr. Philippe Diaz as the director of the film has constantly introduced to the audience concerning this documentary. Immediately one learns concerning the title of the film questions start to arise. The film is trying to evaluate at some of the answers to the question (Mowforth, & Munt, 15). The question that the movie is trying to seek is why there exist several people in the world that live in poverty while there exist others in the world that are extremely rich. The poor people live in lives of less than a dollar per day. According to the movie, the media, policymakers, and the economists do not pay attention to these issues.

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Indeed, the primary function of the movie is to seek the attention of the public concerning the issues with poverty that has more devastating effects more than the global warming. The film essentially highlights how humankind violent can be to its self. Essentially, the public is personally constructing a grave to its self without considering what they are doing to the planet. Through the movie, one can learn that more than 6 billion shoppers or buyers do not appreciate the environment by giving something back. Through this movie, I was influenced very much and opened my eyes where the earth is leading and whatever is happening to the universe. If the inhabitants of the earth do not change such kind of situations, then human beings shall be wiped out, and there shall be no any generation.

According to the blog, Trump made rejection of the aspect of globalization that stood as a masterpiece of his political campaigns. According to his speech of acceptance as the nominee for his party, he attributed that globalism and America are not associated. For that reason, several Americans selected and supported him. The reason is that they were worn-out and drained of the status quo governments, globalization, and disparity. According to Donald Trump, it is just a handful of individuals that have become successful out of globalization. Instead, several other people continue to be left behind. According to the principles of democracy, it is not the majority that maintains the status quo, but it is the largest group that turns out to vote. Brexit has continuously been inaccurate with some pledges that might seem hard to attain. Number one is the NHS pledge of PS350m after every seven days. Number two is the system of immigration that is based on points. These are among the promises that made Brexit to be won. In the same way, Donald Trump had an assurance of overpowering the Isis. This he said he should accomplish within his initial term in administrative center. Above and beyond, he assured to make the economy grow twofold. At the same time, he said that he would construct a wall in the southern boundary of Mexico and the Muslims shall no longer take more extended travel or tour to America. Usually, the politicians are known for misleading the public to win the elections. Without a doubt, the human race is something superior and more significant than an entity's career strategies and personality. Most of the politicians aim at just retaliating on a task but to provide affluence for the mutual future. Trump turns out to be widely held due to the frustrations and annoyance that has been motivated by the characteristic of better-quality expertise and globalization.

In the film, Klein debates that the change in climate is not just a normal concern to be gracefully marched with health care and taxes. A change in climate can be regarded as an alarm that requests the people to fill and fix the system of the economy that is failing the community in various ways. Besides he supports his point of view based on the remarkably reduced amount of greenhouses. The emissions of the greenhouse can be the best way to reduce the inequality, rebuilding the local economies gutters and the democracies that are broken (Klein, 19).

Indeed, there shall be a climate change and has various devastating damages. After the industrial revolution temperatures have continued to increase that has led to an extreme wave of heat, a decrease in the amount of food and the loss of biodiversity and ecosystems and the increase in the sea level that is threatening the lives of people. If at all possible, capitalism sounds like a tumor infection. This disease essentially ends up eating every portion of the body even the individual that hosts it. There shall be no equality, peace, and action in climate due to the puppet shows and capitalists nature of the present governments. According to him, capitalisms are the main route course since human beings are not the reason behind carbon loss and change in climate. It is the capitalists exploit the resources after they have found them.

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