Mother's Choice Bakers New Branch Essay

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Date:  2022-07-20


Mother's choice bakers is a bakery that has established its roots in the state of Louisiana. It made a profit of approximately 120,000 dollars last year and amounted close to those in the past three years it has been running. After the annual general meeting, the management decided to open a branch in Ohio State. Opening the new branch is the bakery's only running project, so all its resources and energy has been directed to this project.

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Goals of the project

The first goal is to finish the project within the scheduled time. Management agreed that four months was adequate time to have the new bakery. Our goal is to work within this period. The second goal is to work within the given budget. The management assigned the project a budget of 50,000 dollars. This is enough money to buy the equipment and establish the premises. Finishing the project within the specified guidelines is essential for the progress of the new bakery. The stakeholders have specific instructions that the project must meet.

Objectives of the project

The goals of the project include providing quality products to our new market and making sure the standards of products and services is the same as those in the main branch. The second objective of the project must meet the financial target. Mother's choice bakers have invested mainly in this new branch to ensure that it brings back profits to the bakery. The technical objective is to upgrade the new bakery's machinery. With the new ovens on the market that are fast and efficient, the new bakery is set to use the latest model that is 12% faster and uses less power compared to the existing ovens.

This project aims at providing the best services and cakes to Ohio residents and keeping the reputation; it has built for itself in Louisiana. At the same time, this project will be expected to increase the bakery's profits. Mother's choice bakers have investors that have contributed to its growth since it started and they have expectations that the project must meet. The bakery is the primary deliverable to the Ohio market. According to the time frame, the bakery's exact location is expected to have been set up and the lease agreements ready by the end of November. The machinery purchasing process is already underway, and the machinery is likely to be in the bakery by mid-January. By April, the bakery should be up and running if all goes according to plan. The bakery's grand opening scheduled on 5 April will be possible since so far the project is on schedule.

The financial team estimated the project to cost the bakery approximately 50,000 US dollars. The bakery's location lease for six months is 18,000 dollars. 25,000 dollars goes to purchasing the equipment.

The biggest challenge the project is facing is an inadequate workforce. The people assigned to work on the project are not enough. We are forced to overwork the staff that we currently have giving them extra shifts, and they do not deliver 100% what is expected. The bakery could add the personnel assigned to work on the project especially the technical team. Decision-making is also becoming a challenge since the decisions have to be made by all the stakeholders. It is becoming slow before all the stakeholders reach a joint agreement. The bakery's management and stakeholders should meet regularly so that making the critical decisions is not postponed to other meetings.

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