Paper Example on Effective Online Business Strategies in the Area of E-Commerce

Paper Type:  Dissertation
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  459 Words
Date:  2022-07-25

Topic and Research Question

This dissertation aims to investigate the most effective online business strategies in the area of e-commerce. The specific research question for this study is; how do retail businesses use online strategies to remain competitive in the area of e-commerce?

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Aim and Objectives

The research aim of this dissertation is to investigate the online business strategies that firms use in e-commerce to remain competitive. The US retail sector is chosen as a case study because according to Statistica (2018), the US e-commerce has steadily risen in size and reach over the past 20 years (see Fig. 1.1.). In order to achieve this aim, the study seeks to meet four objectives as follows:

Describe and analyze the US industry of e-commerce and existing strategies in this area which will be able to give an overall view of the entire market. This helps to pinpoint the focus of the entire dissertation and understanding of the topic/already existing strategies.

Compare the different ways global retail businesses have implemented online strategies into their business models that give an idea of how in general businesses can adapt this easily and use in the area of e-commerce.

Determine how selected retail businesses in the US use their online strategies to compete with the increasing competition in the e-commerce industry. This gives an insight on how in practice a retail business competes with their current and new competition in the e-commerce market through the use of online strategies.

Identify the importance for businesses to use online strategies in the competitive digital era which shows why companies should pay more attention and research to this growing industry for their customers.

A critical review of the literature will be performed to find the needed information and achieve the objectives of the study. This includes obtaining primary and secondary data. For the first and fourth objective online desk research will be used on academic sources which will be critically discussed and analysed. The second objective will make a comparison through at least two case studies from existing retail businesses. With as last for the third objective, there will be carried out a questionnaire to as many as possible retail companies in the US to identify how businesses in practice use the online strategies. All this together will make it able to answer the overall research question at the end.

Proposed Structure

The dissertation is organized into the following six chapters:

Introduction: the chapter introduces the dissertation topic explaining the areas of research including the general e-commerce industry and existing strategies. Furthermore the research inspiration, focus, context and relevant background information, research questions, aim and objectives and the entire dissertation outline.

Literature review: Here the understanding of the research topic and the aim is demonstrated. The chapter critically discuss...

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