Modification of Existing Laws Essay

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Date:  2022-04-18


Notably, the proposed policy solutions will not require the creation of new laws but the slight alterations of the existing ones. There are several essential laws in the United States of America both in the national constitution and in those of the individual states within the country. Minnesota, for instance, has the MN S 2060 'Legislative Enactment' that promote personal control of their health through providing funds necessary to avail various amenities for use by its residents (Befort, 2013). The national government also has in-cooperated many provisions in the healthcare act that govern the manner in which the health of people with diabetes is handled. However, the composite nature of the health system in the United States impedes the efforts of various efforts by diabetic individuals in search of medication. To this end, alteration of the existing legislation is the best way to achieve these policies.

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Furthermore, introducing new legislation will be synonymous with offsetting the balance existing within the system. In other words, various institutions, health professionals, and the citizenry are already used to the existing laws and instituting a change will require a lot of time for them to adapt. On the other hand, modifying the already existing ones will be some metamorphosis whereby Americans will be able to adjust gradually to the changing conditions without facing significant difficulties. For instance, diabetes screening already exists in various hospitals across the country and has been functioning optimally. Multiple guidelines dictate the manner in which they are carried out. As such, introducing new regulations in this regard will disorient the whole process to the extent that it will be dysfunctional.

How Existing Laws Affect Advocacy Efforts

Since most of the advocacy activities will involve advertisements through the media, there are several laws both federal and local that will affect the success of the entire process. Besides, the lifestyle change policy involves advising people to embrace the use of certain products and services while shunning that of others, which are highly sold in the American market. The Federal Trade Act (FTC), the Lanham Act, and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act are some of the existing national legislation that the entire process needs to follow (COMIMISSION, 2009). In light of this, the public awareness campaigns need to keep in mind not to wrongly defame some products lest legal measures are taken. In most cases, this will hide most of the truth from the public, therefore, making public awareness initiative not very successful.

Additionally, the Rehabilitation Act of 1993 of the United States of America prohibits the discrimination of any form of the people with diabetes (Jaeger, 2008). It states that they should be treated like any other people with disability owing to their health condition. The proposed policies mainly focus on the diabetics as a group that is undesired and further advises the others to adopt lifestyles that do not culminate in this condition. Evidently, this is utter discrimination and prejudice against this group. Therefore, legal measures can be taken. In light of this, sound policies need to be enacted not only to abide by the law, but also to ensure that the people with diabetes do not feel discriminated.

Ways to Influence Legislators and Policy Makers

To appeal to both the trust and confidence of lawmakers, the process needs to embark on a strategic lobbying feat. Foremost, approaching the legislators directing will be fundamental in that they will receive firsthand information concerning the issue of diabetes and its effects on the society. This incentive will also heighten the chances of convincing them since a one-on-one encounter will make them believe that the whole process is a severe one. Direct lobbying can be done through inviting poly makers to conferences dealing with increasing the awareness of diabetes. More so, meeting them in their offices will also provide a suitable avenue to reach them.

The other way of getting their attention is through participating in political action committees. This act entails joining groups that rally behind a political aspirant and in turn funding his campaign. Notably, the candidate being supported is in support of the increasing the diabetes awareness campaign and will use his tenure in power to make this a success. In simple terms, this feat entailed doing the policymakers a favor and expected another in return.

Last but not least, engaging in grassroots lobbying is also another sound method of convincing lawmakers to support the policies proposed. In this, the masses will be rallied behind the diabetes awareness campaign to increase the strength and power of the movement. Since legislators are always attracted by the vast numbers of citizens all with the same purpose, they will avail themselves lest they risk losing their positions. Besides, large masses will make the people in charge realize that indeed diabetes is an issue that poses a significant threat to the country and needs to be tackled with urgency.


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