Essay Sample on 13th: Slavery's Prolonged Legacy of Injustice

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Date:  2023-02-09

The documentary is about the thirteenth amendments that lead to massive segregation in the United States. It's as well as provocative words. Most Americans, as at now are aware of with the codes of the language of the country's racial humiliations. Ava Duverlay examines the history of racial segregation in the United States, basing on the fact that African Americans un-proportionally fill the federal jails. Documentary 13th, urges mass discrimination is the prolonging of slavery; it examines the history of race and the systems in the United States which are responsible for justices.

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The film starts with an examination of the amendment. At times, the film stipulates more confusing words, and it's as well uses those that target black Americans, and other minor crimes - specified as the past exploration which shows the genetic bond amongst slavery and the current jailing (Wahlberg, 2008). It surveys the myth of black crimes. As one of the characters Cobb indicated in the film, shows the successful strategies taken by the political authorities to segregate the black Americans.

The academic and civil right lawyer Alexander shows how the repeated war which was started by Nixon and proceeded by Reagan, continued into literal fights, measures from the south are unveiled as political calculations that reduced the blacks( Foley, 2018). As it is shown by the film throughout the period awarded, a single word which remains enormous in white is criminal, which is the condemnation of the past deeds aimed at every person who is culpable, its effects doesn't derail the viewers.

Duverlay cries out that the same labels and how those things worked against them - deciphering the architecture of the logical idea which revolved the idea that it was held in the imagination (Foley, 2018). The idea they had in their heads was someone's political gain. The same approach that they had trusted came up and had been passed from generation to generation. The film shows that live black matters as depicted by the characters in the episode. Every step leads to the message of black's life, and the three words of dignity, humanity and breath are very respectful; they are blood flowing in them. Her hope is that the film has shown very beautiful art to bring the point of black life matters to the political authorities and speaks out in a way that is more powerful.

In criminal injustices, Duverlay in the film depicts that it has escalated by those in authorities and blacks are looked down upon. The film shows that all crimes and crime associated acts are sidelined by all those in justice institutions (Wahlberg, 2008). The escalation of what is knowns as an industrial complex, in which the escalation of the privatized penal system, makes profits for authorities, who uses their offices to determine political outcome on crime and the punishments which directly affects the African American.


Conclusively, the filmmaker has vividly examined the issue of black American discrimination which has been the primary threat to the existence of blacks in the United States. She explains how remorseful she is to the authorities due to their open aiding in sidelining the blacks across the state. The need to fight and not segregate blacks is clearly shown in the episode.


Foley, B. C. (2018). Telling the truth: the theory and practice of documentary fiction. Cornell University Press.

Wahlberg, M. (2008). Documentary time: film and phenomenology.

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