Mission, Vision and Values of Health Care Organizations

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Date:  2021-03-09

Mission, vision, and values are the base and foundations of a solid strategic plan for any given organization. A mission is the purpose of an organization; values are the beliefs and principles while vision is the description of what the organization wants to become in the future. Healthcare organizations have missions, visions, and values for their facilities to ensure that they achieve their desired purposes and ambitions. The responsible administrations including the board of directors and trustees must ensure that they develop reliable and sustainable strategies to be confident of the future success of their respective facilities. These three aspects are vital in the decision making of any organization; therefore, the administration should always refer to them when developing strategic plans.

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In this research, we review the missions, visions, and values of four healthcare organizations. These include Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry, Alabama State Nurses Association, American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, and American College of Clinical Pharmacology. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry focuses on minimizing the risks associated with hazardous substances that pose a major threat to human health. The organization's primary objective is to serve the public and promote healthy and safe environments by responding to public health actions and preventing harmful exposure. Its vision is to become the leading organization in promoting safe environments and provide scientific and technical expertise to improve public health science while its values are conducting public health and issuing recommendations to limit or stop harmful exposure. The Alabama State Nurses Association mission is to promote excellence in the nursing fraternity. Its vision is to become the best organization in the nursing fraternity with exceptional healthcare services to patients while its values are to uplift the health of its patients.

American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery's mission is to provide qualified surgeons and advance training in facial and reconstructive surgery. Its vision is to become the best institution in the U.S and the world in general in producing excellent surgeons, and its values are to provide its learners with insight in how to manage a medical office to enhance their professional skills. Lastly, the American College of Clinical Pharmacology primary objective is to provide quality knowledge in clinical pharmacology units for professionals ranging from research and medicine development to providing healthcare to patients. Its vision is also becoming the best institution in the world for breeding excellent healthcare professionals. The difference in these organizations is that their values do not match with each other despite all of them been healthcare institutions. The relationship between mission, vision, and values is that they all guide the organization and its staff on what to do and what the public expects from them.

In upholding an absolute focus in an organization, the administration should be able to examine the three aspects and adjust them depending on the current challenges and the available opportunities. Observing this procedure will ensure appropriate statements that are efficient for establishing and driving strategies to propel the organization in a given period. The administrations of these organizations should also conduct annual assessments to detect any leadership gaps and act swiftly to prevent any shortcomings in the organization. By doing this, they will be able to assess the environmental; and organizational changes and establish new governance plans. "The registered healthcare organizations should integrate the good provisions in all fields of practice. (Annah, 2001, p.39).



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