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Safety is a vital component of a healthcare institution. Health institutions provide training to health professionals in the attainment of quality service delivery and risk management. Safety provision in a health institution enables employees to work comfortably, thereby increasing service delivery, which in turn provides quality services to patients. An excellent health facility attracts patients, and this increases revenue generation and productivity in the departments. Rolling Garbage Bins as safe health equipment is a container for storing waste products, and in most instances, made of plastics that afford temporary storage (Jajoo et al. 2018). The Rolling Garbage Bins is utilized by organizations that sort of minimizing space in waste disposal. The use of Rolling Garbage Bins by health facilities will enhance the efficient disposal of waste and easy to transport to dumpsites.

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I. History of Rolling Garbage Bins

Rolling Garbage Bins traced its history in 1875 when waste management was an approved scheme in England (Unlimited, 2017). The containers were made of wood and metal and were used to store ash from burnt waste to minimize environmental pollution. Residents in England were to deposit garbage in the container (Unlimited, 2017). The U.S, in 1885, implemented the use of bins for wastage disposal. The incidence saw New York State becoming the cleanest city in the U.S, thereby encouraging other States to adopt the practice. The first plastic trash can trace its origin from the 1920s and has grown popular in use by organizations (Unlimited, 2017).

The use of bins popularized the term recycling, and this saw a majority of the population encouraging the disposable waste method—for instance, the containers were made appealing by decorations, and painting. Currently, the bins designed allow tracks carriage to the disposal areas. The Rolling Garbage Bins are designed with wheels and thus enhances transportation to the desired location within the organization (Unlimited, 2017). Moreover, with the advancement in technology, the health sector is likely to experience a modification in the Rolling Garbage Bins.

II. Pros of implementation of Rolling Garbage Bins

Rolling Garbage Bins provides affordable use as a safety health measure. The bin use is easy to collect for disposal in the waste dumpsite and requires few charges by the waste management body.

III. Cons of implementation of Rolling Garbage Bins

Rolling Garbage Bins increases contamination when not regularly checked. The pollution raises labor costs since the waste disposal task is a less desirable job. Also, the failure to cover the bin creates odor smell that disrupts the health of an institution.

IV. Expected Benefits

a. Short-term (1 year)

1. Improves compliance

The Rolling Garbage Bins will boost the confidence of the health facilities when disposing of wastes to the dumpsites. The use of the bin will also raise the liability for illegal waste management and the penalties that come with improper waste disposal.

2. Versatility

The use of Rolling Garbage Bins in health institutions will enable the disposition of all waste irrespective of the nature of the trash. Thus, health professionals will be free to eliminate waste in the bin without receiving penalties.

3. Provision of a safe working condition for health professionals

Rolling Garbage Bins' shape enhances the better location of waste disposal; thereby, it will reduce injuries, tripping, and accidents in health institutions. Also, the health institutions have the chance to choose Rolling Garbage Bins size that best suits the organization's space and convenience in use.

b. Long-term (1-year plus)

1. Provision of peace of mind

Rolling Garbage Bins provides peace of mind to the health professionals since the method of waste disposal is secure and less risky. Thus, the bins provide health facilities with a clean environment in the provision of health services.

2. Increase profit in the health facilities

The use of Rolling Garbage Bins enables the health care facilities to increase their productivity with a positive view of having an effective disposable method. The use of bins enhances a safe and efficient working environment.

3. Reduces business legislation expenses

Rolling Garbage Bins ensures a safe health facility, which enhances a reduced risk of an expensive lawsuit. The reduction of business legislative expenses will enable health institutions to save a significant amount and increase on productivity.

V. Organizational Roles

Corporate/Top Management

It is the responsibility of the top Management to provide health professionals with Rolling Garbage Bins, which in turn enhances their safety.

Providing training to employees on Rolling Garbage Bins use

The Top Management should train the supervisors and health professionals on the safe use of Rolling Garbage Bins. Employee training should include not only guidance on safety procedures but also penalties on the employees that break the safety measures.

Ensuring the Application of Rolling Garbage Bins is followed

The Top Management should ensure the adherence of safety regulation in applying Rolling Garbage Bins to attain its effectiveness. Such that the Top Management should stipulate rules applicable to dumping garbage in the Rolling Garbage Bins.

Launching a response plan

Corporate/ Top Management should launch a response plan in the event of an emergency. The Top Management should employ a response plan that mitigates risks arising from the use of Rolling Garbage Bins. Moreover, the plan determines and prioritizes risks that occur in the use of Rolling Garbage Bins and acts, starting with the most significant risks (Tsao et al. 2017). Corporate/ Top Management should also conduct routine work area checks to deter health workers from getting injured.

Providing an emergency response

The Corporate/ Top Management role is Rolling Garbage Bins safety use is to identify potential emergencies. After which the Top Management offers the employees adequate training to enhance a systematical and prompt response. Also, Top Management can stipulate a location plan that is adequate and convenient for all the employees and patients.

a. Departmental Management

1. Develop a safety and health program

The departmental Management role is to develop a safety and health program using Rolling Garbage Bins. Departmental Management designs a safety and health team that plans and executes safety measures (Tsao et al. 2017). Also, Departmental Management serves the role of integrating a strategic plan that ensures Rolling Garbage Bins is maintained and collected at the stipulated time to prevent odor from affecting the health departments.

2. Define employees' responsibilities in maintaining safety in the health institution

Departmental Management educates and tasks employees' roles to ensure the Rolling Garbage Bins is adequately secured to prevent odor in health facilities. The Departmental Management ensures that the safety of the health institution is maintained and penalties instituted to employees that violate safety and health rules.

b. Allied Health Employees/Staff

1. Communicate on unsafe health practices in health institutions

The allied health employees/Staff act as the first to act upon dangerous and unhealthy use of Rolling Garbage Bins by other staff. Health employees work by reporting harmful practices in the health facility to enable appropriate actions taking by the Departmental Management. The allied health employees are the primary users of Rolling Garbage Bins, and in case of a defect, they should be the first to know, and thus, they should act by reporting to the Departmental Management (Tsao et al. 2017). Communicating the use of Rolling Garbage Bins to employees alerts them on the risk that results from unsafe and unhealthy use of the safety work equipment.

2. Educate on the safe use of Rolling Garbage Bins

The allied health employees should educate themselves on the safety and proper use of Rolling Garbage Bins. Such practices should include knowledge of emergency response while using Rolling Garbage Bins. Staff educating themselves creates a safety culture whereby employees are aware of Rolling Garbage Bins as safety equipment.

VI. Conclusion

In conclusion, safety management is vital in the organization since it creates a healthy and safe working environment for the employees. Rolling Garbage bin management requires strict checking of the bin, and failure to check the bin may produce an odor smell in the health facility. The safety equipment has dramatically impacted on the disposal of waste since its implementation is cost-effective. Rolling Garbage Bins benefits the health facility by improving compliance, versatility, and a safe working place. Also, the equipment is beneficial in the long term by providing the Management with peace of mind, increasing profitability, and reducing expenses resulting from business legislation. The Top Management, Departmental Management, and the allied health employees should ensure adherence to the Rolling Garbage bin in the health facility.


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Unlimited, T. (2017, March 7). The history of the trash can (and all its dirty secrets). Medium.

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