Milford CT: 17 Miles of Shoreline, Unique Shopping & Rich English History - Essay Sample

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The city of Milford in Connecticut is a strategic coastal city that has access to a 17 miles of shoreline which makes it a prime destination for beach lovers (Milford Connecticut. n.d). The city of Milford offers a unique shopping experience due to its boutiques and also a unique place for food lovers for its variety of restaurants which offers standard and world class food experience. Besides, the last time I remember Milford CT I connected with the city's rich English history and its green background one of its kind. On the other hand, Houston is a metropolis in Texas which stands majestically with tall skyscrapers and unique sites such as the space center and the Houston museum of fine arts in Houston. The splendid city of Houston caught my eye due to its big town charm and its large population. This comparative essay will assess the living conditions in Milford CT and Houston TX and compare the city visitor resources, cost of living and aesthetic beauty based on existing structures and infrastructure (Luo, Ren, & Zhao, 2016).

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One of the striking difference between Milford CT and Houston TX is the size and nature of the infrastructure in each city. In Milford CT, one is welcomed by a laid back small town experience where everything is small and nice ("Milford Connecticut," n.d.). The population of Milford CT is small which gives the town a village like feeling with most of the people being very kind and nice even to strangers ("Milford Connecticut," n.d.). Unlike Milford, Houston TX is a large metropolitan with many people and infrastructure sprawled within a large area. Houston TX is expansive with traffic and pollution being a major problem to contend with due to the number of the population, vehicles and businesses that operate in the city (Luo et al., 2016). Milford CT unlike Houston TX has been able to maintain a small population and low key infrastructure which gives the city a traditional English settlement feel even today ("Milford Connecticut," n.d.).

The cost of living in Milford CT is relatively high compared to Houston TX mainly due to the low number of population which pushes the cost of living high. It is difficult and expensive to acquire property in Milford CT compared to Houston TX (Kneebone & Raphael, 2011). However, despite the high cost of living the access of amenities and their quality is high in Milford CT compared to Houston TX due to the small size of population which makes it easy to access public amenities as well as the ability to manage the services compared to Houston TX which has a very high population which increases pressure on the available scarce resources (Luo et al., 2016). Another important aspect of comparison between the two cities is that Milford CT has a low crime rate compared to Houston TX where crime rate is high due to the high population which has been attributed to the high crime rate and violent offenses such as armed robbery, murder, rape and aggravated assault which is promoted by the high gang activities and high number of unemployed population compared to Milford CT (Kneebone & Raphael, 2011).


Overall, it can be concluded that Milford CT is a more developed and city with good public amenities compared to Houston TX. However, the cost of living is the highest in Milford CT compared to Houston city in Texas (Luo et al., 2016). The number of the population significantly influences the dynamics of life in both cities with the Milford having a higher standard of living and access to public amenities compared to Houston mainly due to the low number of population in Milford as compared to Houston TX where the management of the high population is a major challenge and high unemployment has forced many young people to join gangs and also engage in criminal activities.


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