Essay Sample on Iconographic Characteristics of Egyptian Art

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The Pallet of Narmer is essential in the art history of Egypt. Iconographic characteristics are evident in various Pallet’s parts. First, two-dimensional art has remained and will forever be an identity of notice for Egyptian art. The way figures are presented in this Palette remains convectional (Pond, 2020). Organization of scenes and horizontal zones known as registers are significant iconography elements (Calvert, 2020). The Narmer palette has artistic styles, including the hierarchical scales that indicate importance and message to the Egyptians. The carving of shapes regarding cultural and thematic message is a form of artistic acknowledgement (Calvert, 2020). For example, viewing the Pallet from the bottom, the gods' cognitive status change and seems different when looked from the top- this is a great design to maintain in Egyptian art.

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Visual Elements

The Palette of King Narmer has useful visual elements that convey the artistic message. Narmer's pose takes one of the faces where he holds an enemy by their hair which is an impressive visual art (Mark & Mark, 2020). In the pallets, Narmer holds a weapon that he wants to destroy the enemy's skull; in such a presentation, Egyptian artists will live to learn how artistic presentation is valuable in the compressibility of the message (Pond, 2020). There is a special presentation in the Pallet artworks that remains applicable in Egyptian art such that artists will have to learn the best ways of presenting symbols, themes, and messages (Calvert, 2020). For example, the Pallet of Narmer's backside has best visually, including the central placement of the image in the stone carving, the size is relative to figures in the image. A crown is a visual symbol of personality in art, the hawk god and the mace are artistic presentations form which artist will use to maintain Egyptian native art (Pond, 2020). The front part of the Pallet repeats the back message making it two dimensional (Mark & Mark, 2020). For example, the register shows the artistic association of themes; there is an opponent, a solider, two enemies who lay down dead, and the intertwined neck of the lioness and leashes create an artistic space where visual makeup is mixed.

Artistic Elements

All the specific artistic elements in the Pallet of Narmer relay education to the art composition of Egypt. All artistic elements in the pallet focus to a powerful king which is the message (Pond, 2020). Narmer is striding through to show both legs- this is a twisted art, and the curving has a design that shows the concrete muscles (Pond, 2020). This curving and Narmer posture are fantastic imagery in art- it is applicable in developing and maintaining Egyptian art, thus making it depends on the message relayed. Supremacy is visually presented in the Pallet (Mark & Mark, 2020). Having the bull god at the top portrays the artistic classification of the content through visual illustration. The king is presented as a broad symbol compared to the other solders and the enemies, and this way, the artist shows a supremacy craft (Pond, 2020). The Pallet is a vital piece that presents the artist's overwhelming contributions and those around the king during his work. It is a proper form of art presentation rather than cultural identities. People of lesser rank in Egypt are presented in the art as having a low but concrete visual presentation.


Thus, the artistic carving is applicable in expressive art where images are presented on the background, and the ground does not affect the images (Pond, 2020). The Palette has hieroglyphs centered at the top- current Egyptian artists can copy this be the introduction of their art.


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