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Drawing is one of the notable elements of art. Notably, one of the main reasons why drawing makes up an essential part of art is that it creates an opportunity for people to address specific issues or communicate with others. However, it is crucial to understand that art is also sensitive, hence the reason why an artist must ensure that their work does not have any negative impact. For instance, Michael is an artist who has always wished that people would recognize his artworks. Whereas Michael has managed to create different artworks in the past, he managed to catch more people's attention through an artwork that represents angels and Satan. Notably, many people believe that angels are good creatures since they bring a positive message, while Satan is bad because of the association with evil. Although Michael's drawing had an artistic representation of both characters, the artist confirms that good art can be ugly through racism. The description of Satan as a black character while the angels are white proves that Michael is a racist, thus indicating that good art can be ugly.

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Michael, who is an artist, has always had the urge to earn recognition through his drawings. Notably, Michael has made beautiful artworks in the past that prove that the character is talented, and the angels and Satan representation is the best example. While many people would agree that the artwork was perfectly created, the main concern is that it displays racism. Therefore, that indicates that Michael has managed to make a good art ugly, as racism is not a good practice. Many factors make it realistic to claim that Michael's work is a fine art that was turned ugly through its details.

Racism and Evidence That the Artwork Is Good but Ugly

The first reason why the artwork is ugly is that the character showcases Satan, who is represented by a back color, while the angels are white. Arguably, the use of this representation is the first evidence that Michael is racist, as that indicates that blacks are bad people who represent Satan. There are increased chances that a child would want to believe that black people are associated with Satan and everything wrong after viewing the drawing, and that is because of the artist's approach on the matter. A black person will find the artwork offending since it equates them to Satan, who many people believe that he is an evil creature. It would be much better if Michael engaged in the use of the same color representation to ensure that the artwork remains good. For instance, the application of black color or white color to both the angels and Satan would have limited the chances of making the drawing ugly.

It is possible for good art to become ugly, and Michael's work is the best example since he also makes other races seem unpleasant while others are beautiful. Although Michael would want to argue that the main reason for creating the drawing was to showcase the angel's beauty and Satan's ugliness, the artist fails on that approach. Contrary, the artwork's details indicate that it is the black people who are ugly while the whites are beautiful. The application of such a display is the source of controversy, hence resulting in an ugly artwork. Therefore, that is one of the reasons why the artists should consider remaking the drawing to ensure that it achieves its primary objective. The artist has managed to make a perfect representation of the two characters with the artwork, but the main issue is that it develops different emotions to the audience. It would only make sense if people from each racial community would feel equal and respected after viewing the drawing, but that is not the situation. Additionally, it is also crucial to note that Satan, represented as black, also has torn clothing, but that is not the situation for the angels. The best solution to the matter is that Michael should remake the drawing with a similar color representation for both characters. Making both angels and Satan black or white will mean that the art is good, and the artist has avoided creating ugliness.


Racism is a significant issue of concern since it emotionally affects people. Michael's artwork is the best evidence regarding racism, as it has made good art ugly. The main reason why the drawing is unpleasant is that the artist creates a biased representation of the angels and Satan. While the angels are white and beautiful, Satan is black and ugly. Therefore, that indicates that the artist has a negative perception concerning people of color, hence the reason why they have to represent Satan. Although the artwork was perfectly created, it becomes ugly because of racism. Therefore, that leads to the conclusion that it is possible for an excellent art to become unsightly. The application of similar colors in the art would make it avoid the ugly tag.

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