MGM Grand Website: Tangibilizing Intangible Goods & Services - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-28


The website provides details for the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas as marketed by the Mlife Rewards Company. It gives the customer information about rooms within the hotel and what the client can expect when making their bookings. The website provides intangible information but uses techniques that tangibilize what is invisible. The essay will describe the details of the site to explain what it uses to tangibilize the goods and services for the customers and whether there is anything on the website that deals with the characteristic of perishables.

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What the Website Uses to Tangibilize the Product

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino website use specific tools or techniques to give the products and services in the hotel a tangible dimension. The site uses graphic details on the rooms themselves to tangibilize the comfortable services provided in the hotel rooms. Looking at the places on display, it is evident that the client will be attracted by the comfy bed, food, beverages, and entertainment services provided in the hotel. The website allows the customers to see and expect their services in a hotel room in Las Vegas.

When examining the products offered by the company, the website uses different colors to demonstrate the various sections of the hotel where customers can get entertainment services, drinks, and rest after a busy day. During their relaxation time, customers can see that they can use the conference rooms to have a meeting, share with workmates or friends. The website also uses different tabs for customers to understand the services efficiently. There are about nine tabs, with each demonstrating specific information about the services and well offered by the website to clients. Customers can easily access the hotel, restaurants, offers, groups, Casion, amenities, and nightlife. In the Group and wedding section,

Characteristics of Perishables in the Website

There are various characteristics of perishables in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino website. Perishables are items that get bad quickly and especially foodstuffs. When looking at the

American dishes. All these foods are perishable goods and allow customers to choose their favorite. They are provided on offer to encourage clients to purchase them when they visit the hotel. The website reveals the delicacies that include perishable vegetables.

There are many flavors of food and drinks at the MGM Grand hotel and casino. Perishable characteristics of the products offered in the restaurants are evident with the graphics of the Ambra Italian Kitchen, Joel Robuchon, the Crush, and Daily F&B Credit for American food. In these food places, the website reveals the type of food and services a client will get by visiting the given restaurant. The meals are perishable, and their graphic display shows their priority in the purchasing decisions by clients who come into the hotels. At the Groups and Wedding section on the website, a client can view the perishable foods displayed by the company to advertise the variety of food and drinks.


In conclusion, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino website use detailed graphics and colors to tangibilize the product. The various goods and services offered at the hotel and casino are of great value to the customer. The graphics and colors show the customer what to expect of the available services and goods. The use of graphics and colors to present the information about the products and services at MGM Grand Hotel was the most effective way of using the online platform to adversity company goods and services.


MGM Resorts International. (2020). MGM Grand. Mlife Rewards. Retrieved from

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