Essay Example on Protect Vital Info: Establish Right to Retain Essential Data

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Date:  2023-08-28


In the profitability of business enterprises, the right to retain sensitive vital information is an important legal instrument for businesses to maintain confidential information and secure trade secrets. However, it is only available if companies adopt suitable measures to identify and protect the information they want to protect. In reality, this in the digital environment is even more difficult. If Sanseau had already established his right to retain essential information, Leticia contravened the requirements about trade secrets because she used Sanseau’s idea. Trade secrets take on several forms for example; patented methods, tools, designs, architecture, recipes, technique, processes or procedures, which are not apparent to others and can be used as a means of creating companies that offer a competitive advantage or provide value to customers, like what Leticia did to attract customers for herself from Sanseau’s idea.

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Leticia took the ideas of other people and made them seem more like her creation and therefore used them to accrue monetary benefits. Leticia should have found something different from others that picking the ideas of other people and then using the same concepts to make more money. Sanseau had already established the secret of listening from a distance, and Leticia made something very close to Sanseau's invention.

Orange suing Leticia: Patent

Under this patent, the invention requested is to be prevented from being made, used, or imported by others. If a license covers a process, then any product using that patented process violates that patent. The argument about the initial patent was contrasted between the allegedly infringing device and the facts, which are in contravention of the patent if the manufacturer used the patented product. A patent cannot authorize the use of a method initially copyrighted by another individual to be used as an analogy. An improvement can, however, be patented on an existing product. The new patent will cover the invention while the original patent holder still owns the patent on the original product. Therefore, Orange Company is entitled to sue Leticia because she took the company's basic idea and assumed it was her own. Orange Company has started its business to help people find out about their husbands and wives, and Leticia also adopted the same idea as her own.

Orange suing Sanseau: Patent

Patents are always viewed as instruments that companies use to inspire innovators to innovate, but instead, the function of sturdy and foreseeable rules on procurement of patents and implementation to ease opposition and marketing of innovations are the focus of essential and various voices in the study and application of the multiple patent systems. The history of the economy has shown that the method used by an approach to possessions rights to enable private organizations is a crucial feature of the initial patent system that was vital to its financial success.

Sanseau had his initial idea but used the ides from Orange to make his concept better and stopped acquiring services from Orange. The mere fact that he used the idea from Orange Company and used it for his benefit was against the law of patents; therefore, leaving Sanseau liable for taking views belonging to other people. It is essential to maintain originality, especially in matters where an idea like the one for Orange Company is involved. There is more to patents that have to be considered. Any major institutional characteristics of the patent system are shown by the disparity between the goals of inventing and selling. There is the need to understand how the difference comes, therefore, enhancing originality and creativity and also protection of the people that already have inventions like Orange Company.

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