Mental Health and Human Service - Research Proposal

Paper Type:  Research proposal
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  368 Words
Date:  2022-08-03


It is a cumulative or progressive effect of the information I have learned, comprehended, applied, and practiced. I was reserved, conservative, and quiet when I started college. As I continued my education, I noticed a shift in my attitude towards learning. I am now assertive and open to learning. My college experience and my own learning styles have influenced my learning strategy.

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I am a learner and I understand how to manage my time to meet deadlines. However, I also know that I won't let myself go beyond what I need to in my studies. When I'm given a task or assignment, as a learner, I feel confident enough to complete it.

Ask questions when I need them and take breaks when necessary. The best thing I've learned is to take your time and do it right. Quality will always win over quantity. A good paper is better than a paper that is too short to get a grade. I'm in the doctorate program to not only learn but also to make a difference.

There are many problems and issues that the world faces and not enough people who can solve them. To prevent further problems, I aim to educate the public.

My strength lies in my determination and drive to succeed at all things I do. I believe that everyone is a product of their environment. You are the environment, not your environment. There are other areas I need to improve on, such as my paper's structure, understanding it and its flow, and making sure I don't just type things to take up space, but actually write quality papers.


My passion is for mental health and human service, particularly the human mind and mental disorders. My Masters research focused on consumer participation in mental healthcare treatment plans and the outcomes for their input in determining their treatment goals. My research interests include comparing the effectiveness and outcomes of different pharmacologic and behavioral treatments in managing major depression disorders in adolescents and adults. My goal is to create research that I can put on paper and which will lead to future solutions.

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