Me, My Selfie and I: Relationship Between Selfie Behaviors, Body Image, Self-Objection and Self-Esteem in Young Women

Paper Type:  Essay
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  558 Words
Date:  2022-11-22


It is quite clear that the growing use of social networking sites in modern days is having an influence on young women through its applications. It is, therefore, also considering its correlation with the discovery of selfie-taking and posting on the latter. And on another hand, there is a need for the realization of its association with negative thinking about themselves. This is primarily based on the fact that women are often evaluated and viewed on account of their appearance on social networking sites. Thus, they are encouraged to be more involved in self-objection. In this essay, there is an exploration of the association of selfie with the level of self-esteem and objection of the individual, particularly young women.

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And moreover, it provides depth insight into the impact of selfie-taking and posting on young women in contemporary society. Even though this study focused on understanding negative behaviors resulted from selfie use on SNS (Velhduis et al., 2018). It also recommended the exploration of the positive behaviors gained from using it by young women. According to findings, it was estimated that young people, particularly women aged between 18-29 years old, were regularly engaged on SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, many others (Veldhuis et al., 2018). This leaves an impression in one's mind to be in the position of influencing an individual.

The article on the effects of social networking sites has revealed that men spend a lot of time as matched to females on the public media sites and this, therefore, becomes a social issue, and thus women become sensitive of these issues existing in the ecosphere. The young people have lively contribution, and they raise their speeches in an attempt to air out their sentiments on the social problems that are the main subject in the discussions taking place in these sites. The findings from this article also outline that even though the young people occasionally reciprocate on the topics of conversations in the locations, they don't take the issues beyond the websites, and they tend to forget about the problems as well as the problems once they log out of the sites. As such these sites can be seen to be boon to the young people as far as spreading the awareness to the issues is concerned (Khurana, 2015). This has pated a negative picture on the youth because they assume that everyone has access to the sites and they are aware of the current trends and therefore no need to share or even try to seek for solutions.


In this essay, there is a provision of the description of the association of selfie with the psychological health of the individual, particularly young women. Therefore, it signifies that its influence on the latter would have significant impacts on their mental health, and as well as emotional. In this regard, the body image comprises various aspects like feeling, thoughts, and perceptions; and it reflects the self-esteem of an individual. And it results in the process of self-objection on social networking sites.


Veldhuis, J., Alleva, J. M., Bij de Vaate, A. J., Keijer, M., & Konijn, E. A. (2018). Me, my selfie, and I: The relations between selfie behaviors, body image, self-objectification, and self-esteem in young women. Psychology of Popular Media Culture.

Khurana, N. (2015). The impact of social networking sites on the youth. J. Mass Commun. Journal, 5(12), 5-8.

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