Maximizing Success: Strategies for Achieving Business Goals - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-15


Notably, any given company with defined goals needs to use specific strategies to meet or exceed them, therefore, getting better in the process. There is a lot of competition among business as companies deploy all effective means available to become the best. It is therefore essential to learn exclusively about a specific business idea before venturing into it as helps in avoiding surprises which are against the expectations. Nevertheless, even with an existing organization, it must keep changing its strategies as the marketing industry changes a lot. Therefore it must ensure it stays checking if its methods are still viable. Thus, Perry's Ice cream is not any different and must evaluate all its processes. Hence checking which are still viable and continue using them to get better.

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Potential Pros and Cons of Direct Sales Distribution

Besides, the company is quite an excellent market sector which has for many years monopolized the distribution industry. Therefore, most of its distribution strategies are functional and should continue to be applied. When they directly distribute to other retailers, they get resources which they use as working capital hence growing their businesses (Ryan, & Barretta, 2018). They also create loyalty with their esteemed customers who ensure they get more buyers by talking positive things about the company. However, it can affect a lot of retailers forcing them to close their businesses. If the leading supplier that is Perry's company can fail to deliver the goods. The company can also have its reputation destroyed if some of its drivers decide to cooperate with retailers. Therefore, it is not the most effective mode of distribution.

Potential Pros and Cons of Partnering With this National Brand

Moreover, in the case of any partnership, it will lead to a division in profits. Which the company had been getting alone. It can also lead to a breakdown in the relationship, which is as a result of mistrust between the two parties as they both focus on getting better results on their side. However, it can be quite useful in that both parties will get an assurance of market and avail more jobs. It will also decrease the fear of a possible affair competition as it is straightforward for a National Brand to have unfair favoritism from the government. Therefore working together is also a positive thing for the growth of businesses as it is okay if utilized well.

Marketing Channel Options and What Members Provide

In this case, there are different channeling methods. Although most of the ways are good, some offer more advantages than others. Therefore distributing products directly to the client is the best though it is hard as it is scarce to find a customer every day. The use of intermediaries, especially the retailers, is therefore advocated (Ryan & Barretta, 2018). Working with other channel members lowers competitions, and they offer a broad market. They also create an atmosphere where it can be easy to set a specific price, therefore, monopolizing the industry and attaining high profits (Berger, Ahmad, Bansal, Kapoor, Sipp & Rasko, 2016). Consequently, it is good to work with other members as work becomes easy and more profitable.


All in all, there are a lot of problems faced by the marketing industry, which can only be solved if rival companies work together for their benefit. However, it is essential to understand different dynamics in the market and the implications of a specific issue before making any decisions. The progress or downfall of any given company is mainly associated with the management, and thus they must make efficient and right decisions which will benefit the organization.


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