Business Essay Example: Restaurant Business Description

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Date:  2021-03-31

One of the most promising business enterprises is operating a restaurant. Dining represents an essential service requiring the coordination of numerous service employees such as servers, cashiers, and host staff. This has led to the immense growth of food joints in various locations. Therefore, opening a restaurant in Sacramental is a valuable idea that may bring good profits. The restaurant will offer diversified food offerings from traditional to modern dishes. Therefore, it will target customers with different food backgrounds within a 3-mile radius. However, there are strategic plans to expand the target market once the operations are underway. The primary target customers will be families and business people within the locality. The estimated startup cost is estimated to be $166,500 to $200,000. Rent for the first three months paid in advance is expected to be $10000, tables and furniture $20000, kitchen build out and utensils $100000 and the first food and beverage $5000. Miscellaneous costs such as insurance ($4500), permits and licenses ($4000), marketing and advertising ($15,000) and the grand opening event $8000 amount to $31500. The grand total is estimated to be $166, 500.

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Success in the restaurant business requires sound management skills in running the day to day operations. Two business partners will own the restaurant. The partners will serve as the restaurant chefs with one being the back of the house manager who handles the cooks and chefs while the other will be the front of the house manager in charge of the servers and cashiers. The managers will have 2-3 employees and be involved in the day to day operation of the restaurant. They will oversee activities such as the transportation of raw materials used to make the various dishes, food preparation procedures, inventory management, order processing and delivery within a three-mile radius, customer service delivery, and distribution. Other day to day operations include assisting customers to make orders by explaining the menu and the available dishes, taking their orders to the kitchen for preparation and later serving the guests. The restaurant will also provide outside catering services to people holding parties, festivals, and weddings.

Not only has restaurants focused on providing fast foods but have also made their names by placing emphasis on the provision of particular food types so as to attract more clientele. Poke Bowl has become a favorite dish among many thus prompting hotel operators to include it in the menu. The restaurant will provide authentic poke bowl like a true Hawaiian local. The dish has become a common food trend in recent years thus its provision in the restaurant will attract several customers who love it. Not only does the dish taste great but also has several health benefits. It has several vegetables which contain vitamins necessary for the maintenance of an active immune system. Additionally, it also has less saturated fat but rather contain omega three fats from the fish which help to protect from cardiovascular diseases. This makes it favorable for consumption by everyone. Finally, the dish is less expensive as it only costs $11-$20.

The following are some of the strategies that will be used to advertise the restaurant so as to promote sales, build community relationships and gain a competitive advantage. The first channel will be through the utilization of word of mouth to spread information about the restaurant. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter will also inform the people of the services and dishes provided in the restaurant. Social media will help put across images of the restaurant and the delicacies provided to create a business identity which leads to brand loyalty. The restaurant will also use a Yelp account to gain positive reviews which will popularize it. There will also be a grand opening with several food and wine tastings and a 20% discount for the month. Additionally, weekly restaurant promotions will be used to attract customers. Promotions will be integrated with the social media campaigns such that the clients using social media will get 15% off to help spread the goodwill to others. Also, here will be a stamp card where the 10th purchase will be free. Finally, the provision of free delivery services for ten bowls or more within 3 miles will also encourage more purchases.

In conclusion, the restaurant business is quite a lucrative deal if properly managed so as to ensure a smooth running of operations. The provision of the best traditional and modern dishes for the clients such as the Poke Bowl which is one of the favorite and healthy recipes will put the restaurant on the hospitality map in the Sacramental. Additionally, proper advertising and marketing through the grand opening event, the use of the word of mouth, social media, Yep and other promotions will help market the restaurant thus increase the number of customers. This will help the restaurant to become of the leading enterprises in the area. It will also create brand loyalty among customers leading to the realization of profits.

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