Marriott International Company Analysis Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-20


Marriott International is a hospitality company that is based in the US. Its headquarters is in Bethesda, Maryland. As it is today, it is the largest hotel chain in the world with over 6500 properties in almost 127 countries. The company was started in 1927 and went public in 1953. In 1993, Marriot International was officially born after the parent company split into two.

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Does Marriott mission statement reflect a 'service' culture?

Marriott mission statement reflects service culture as the company puts people first and makes sure that it serves people with dignity and integrity.

What do the customers say about their culture of service?

Most of the customers are happy with their service and are pleased that they put their customers' needs at heart and make sure that they are satisfied.

How do they (Marriott) define their service culture?

Marriott defines their culture of service as one that believes in satisfying the needs of their customers with integrity and openness.

How do they ensure the continuation of that culture?

At the heart of this culture is to make sure that it continues from generation to generation. This culture is usually made up of behaviors, traditions, and values that the company holds dear.

  • Organizational Culture

Marriott organization culture involves giving their customers utmost priority

  • Philosophy / Mission

At the heart of Marriott is the philosophy to make sure that they serve their clients with respect and good services

  • Policies/ Procedures /Systems

Their policies are to serve its customers and satisfy their needs.

  • Human Resources- training, roles and expectations, motivators and rewards

They train their workers to be the best and work for the best. They place their emphasis on well-being, and that means they treat their employees with the utmost respect. This is the reason why the company with the happiest employees. This they do to make sure that the employees will, in turn, handle the customers well and with respect.

Management support Is Marriott customer-focused?

They believe serving the world with the best services and putting the interests at heart. It is for this reason that they find success in every part that they establish. The company believes in embracing change and serving their customers with utmost priority. These values are spread across all their hotels all over the world, and this is done by making sure that wherever they open a new establishment, they teach people about their culture and values. This is what is called the organizational culture and defines the company. It is their unique identity, and they make sure they carry it out everywhere that they open their wings.

The management support at Marriott is customer-focused, and this means that they change with customers' needs. They put their customers first and for this reason customers' satisfaction. Through their pursuit of excellence they make sure the services that their customers receive are world class and unique - being customer-focused means that they tailor everything to the needs of the customers. They make sure they embrace change, and the changes favor the customers. This is the reason that the customers are always satisfied with the services that they get from the Marriott Company.

With satisfied employees, Marriott sets out its culture of serving its customers with dignity and integrity. The employees of the company are always motivated, and this makes it easier for them to handle their customers well.

Through all these mentioned values, Marriott makes sure that they are passed in all their establishments in the world. Being in the service industry means that they are supposed to serve the people with the utmost integrity. It is because of the values that they have emerged as the largest chain of hotels in the world. Everywhere they open their branches they make sure the culture is transferred there and thus makes them a success. All these values are reflected in the company through their employees who serve with motivation. The company makes sure that the customers are always satisfied with the services and that they can spread the good news to others.

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