Marriage Counselor Episode on the Andy Griffith Show

Date:  2021-06-14 02:29:09
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
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Movie review
This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

The Andy Griffith show is the most entraining and educative comedy show which distribution across the world began on October 3, 1960. The show executive producers were Sheldon Leonard and Danny Thomas. The syndication mode was television and the transmission was on black-and-white. The show was affiliated to the CBS Channel. This paper will discuss Andy the Marriage Counselor Episode of the sitcom.

The episode entails runtime of 26 Minutes and outstanding filming by Desilu studios. The aspect of family squabbles and marriage is evident. There is traditional marriage and living style. Andy fails to wed in accordance to the requirements by the townspeople. Fred and Jennie have violent and squabbles in their marital affair that they tend to disturb peace in the vicinity.

The aspect of conflict resolution emerges as Andy decides to engineer daily counselling to the pair. He manages to sweet talk these persons and thus peaceful coexistence. The producers who participated in the Andy Griffith show were greatly outstanding and played crucial roles in the show. Andy Sheriff mediates and amicably resolves conflicts in the society by use of conciliation, mediation and sense of advice. These values make him admired by many, and his fame greatly rises. Barney, Andys deputy, is recognized as the cousin to Andy in some episodes. However, Barney disturbs Andy in numerous activities and thus the barrier to progress. Otis Campbell acts as a drunkard and has several positive attributes towards Andy. This, therefore, shows that Andy is admired by all persons in the society irrespective of the class in society. The characters provide an outstanding show of relevance and cover huge issues in the community. It was worldly recognized show in the 1960s.

Fred and Jennie later decides to love each other. However, they end up being jealous and hateful to the other persons in society. Their insults and fighting ends as result of intervention by Andy. The show stirs Andy Griffith who acts as widowed sheriff in the small community. He plays a critical role in unifying the members and acting as the link to numerous social activities. He appears as the outgoing individual that fits very well in the peasant community. His deputy Barney Fife, spinster aunt, young son and the housekeeper completes the core family structure. The show provides contemporary setting but serves to enlighten persons on numerous topics in the society.

I consider Fred and Jennie as persons who are self-centered. Andy is social and friendly person. His activities portray his outstanding character and show of high integrity. Barney is independent and highly aggressive person. The episode led to high ratings of comedy shows and impacted positively on Federal Communication Commission since it was an educative and quite inspiring number of issues. CBS Channel joined an agreement with other TV Networks to facilitate the airing. The production team is greatly recognized for its key role in the show.



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