Marketing Report Sample on Nike Company

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Date:  2021-06-28

Nike Company has been serving million of customers all over the world with their products penetrating more than one hundred and sixty countries around the world. The company has successfully offered services to their consumers both online and offline with the Internet playing a significant role of employing different strategies so as to maintain its competitive edge within the industry. Nike sales have gone up to five percent to $8.4 billion and 7 per cent growth in the currency neutral basis. The current growth rate is going up to 53.46 billion USD hence experiencing a forty 9 percent increase. Though the markets have fluctuated over the past years but have maintained a higher peak in November 2015, the company target market for their clothes, shoes and other accessories are females and males between the age of eighteen to thirty-five years old, though Nikes competitive market has dominated and expanded in the international market. One of the unique marketing strategies that Nike has used to position itself through making use of the Nike disburse Tv ads during prime time programs, college sports events, professionals and the late night Tv programs. With different competitors in the market, Nike has outperformed its competitors with a severe increase in 2015 and 2016 (Mahdi).

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NIKEiD is one of the sub-brands which is allowing customers to personalize and design their Nike footwear and it's available online. For every Nike team to be diverse, high performing and inclusive, to obtain the vision the company is working hard to build diversity and inclusion so as to make a world class and a team that is high performing. Nike has the larger vision of environment and venues for diverse opinions, open dialogues and a multitude of perspectives


Considering the companys strength, Nike takes pride in is moving to the top athletes to sponsor and wear their products rather than competition and events and competition as much. This comes from the fact that individuals tend to remember the brands that players wear and not the brand that is sponsoring the events that the players are performing at.

In the market, the market that Nike is participating in is a very price sensitive market. Most of the income achieved by Nike is from selling its products to the retailers. Showing that margin is squeezing as retailers are trying to achieve low price competition on the products of Nike. The consumers are now controlling the manufacturers, with so if a user wanted to make one of the lowest prices on the same product, then the customer can walk from the store.


Since technology is one of the elements that are frequently changing in the retail market and the sporting market as well, the ability to have the most recent fashion trends involves in their shoes, sporting equipment, sunglasses, and clothing so as to come up with more money. Notably, Nike has one of the largest acceptance of their products in the whole world(Soni).

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