Marketing Essay Example: Launching New Product to the Market

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Date:  2021-07-17

Product to be launched

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The electronics company I work for deals with the invention and manufacturing of personal electronic devices. Our latest product is a shaving machine that is designed to shave without causing on razor bumps on the user. The machine is specially designed for women who wish to maintain flawless and hairless skin. It is designed for the shaving of legs, face, armpits and the bikini area. It is electronic and is built to last for more than one year. Additionally, it is small in nature and is easily portable.

Been the manager of the new product development department, I am in charge of conducting a consumer analysis for our target market (Tungate, 2011). The consumer analysis involves identification of the target market, examining their geo-demographic data, their lifestyles and their socio-cultural beliefs. In addition, it will also involve an examination of the attitudes and behaviors of the target market (Foxall, 2002). Additionally, I am also responsible for coming up with the marketing strategies to introduce our new product into the market.

Target Market

The target consumers for these products are women from the age of 18 years. This is because they are the people who are mainly concerned with their image and they are willing to go to an extra mile to enhance their physical looks.

Consumer Analysis

Geo-demographic Data

Women make up for more than half of the population of the Sultanate regions (Black, 2004). The distribution of women across all Sultanate regions is uneven, with some of them having more women than others. The biggest age gap for the Sultanate women is between 18 to 35 years, an age group that is termed as the youths.


Many Sultanate women live very expensive lifestyles. They are mainly supported by their husbands or fathers who are quite rich because of the oil industry in their countries (McCracken, 2014). Many women spend the better part of their time seated in beaches or shopping for new clothes, shoes and various beauty products such as lipsticks, eye pencils, and makeup and beauty accessories such as jewelry and hats. They all aim at looking good and appearing perfect for their men.

Most of these women wish to have flawless skins (Baker & Hart, 2016). They spend most of their time and money in beauty shops having their bodies waxed. They have their legs, armpits, faces and bikini areas waxed on a weekly basis. This procedure is quite expensive and time consuming. This is the reason why my company decided to invent an electronic shaving machine which can be used at the comfort of a persons house. The electronic shaving machine is sold at affair price to ensure that all people can afford it.

Socio-cultural Beliefs

The women of Sultanate regions are bought to believe that they can achieve anything in life as long as they are good looking (Baker, 2001). The women focus more on their physical looks than they do with anything else in their lives. Most of them have surrendered to not working and been stay at home wives. This way, they have a lot of time on their hands to take care of themselves and to look good for their husbands (Black, 2004). They believe that one of the greatest achievements in a womans life is building a happy home and having a husband who is proud and happy because of the beautiful looks of his wife.

Culturally, Sultanate women are expected to be caretakers of their homes and their husbands. This means that they are expected to bear children and take care of them. Tradition dictates that women should not be allowed to work (Keillor, 2007). Instead, they should stay at home, bear children and take care of them. Additionally, they should be submissive to their husbands and to other men in their lives. In addition, they should take care of themselves, look good and do all that it takes to ensure that their husbands are happy at all times (Hantula & Wells, 2014). Men, on the other hand, should work hard in order to provide for the women in their lives.

Attitudes and Behaviors of Target Consumers

According to statistics, the women of Sultanate are always excited about trying new products that enhance their outward appearances (Marich, 2013). Their positivity has helped to boost the beauty industry across the Sultanate regions. In addition, their behavior to always try new things is a bonus to the beauty industry. The women are always willing to try products that they believe will help them to appear more beautiful. As a result of their positivity and behaviors towards new products in the market, the beauty industry in the Sultanate regions is highly developed (Maclaran, et al., 2012). People in the cosmetics, jewelry and personal electronic items are making a lot of money today based on the fact that there is an already existing target market.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing is an important department for all companies. It helps to introduce a new product in the market. Additionally, it is also used to remind people of existing products or to inform existing clients of any changes in branding, size or quality of products that are already existing in the market. Marketing can be done using different approaches based on the products to be launched and the target market.

In our case, the product to be launched is a personal electronic shaving machine and out target market is women above the age of 18. These are the people who use social media sites on a day to day basis (Riebe, 2013). They are able to get all kind of information on social media sites. Because of this, I believe the introduction of our new product through social media would be an excellent idea if we want to capture the attention of our target market. The information presented on social media sites would involve the use of the product, the prices and the stores selling it (Tsiakis, 2015). We would also require to use televisions to get the attention of a much bigger crowd. Additionally, we would use gifting as a promotional technique for our new product. This would involve selling the product at an affordable price and attaching an extra product on it as a gift to our new clients.


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