Marketing Assignment: Packaging

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Date:  2021-06-22

Packaging helps to differentiate between several brands and helps the consumers to identify their best products. Emerging and future trends in product packaging indicate how changes in consumer lifestyles can affect the packaging approach in general. This essay analyzes the packaging of Oreo cookies manufactured and sold in the US by the Nabisco division of Mondelez International.

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How does the Package Protect the Product?

Oreo used strong materials for packaging, which provides adequate protection of the product. A package of the cookies is made of hard carton for the outer packaging while the individual cookies are packaged using shiny aluminum materials.

What Legally Mandated Information Is On The Package/Label?

The packaging for Oreo cookies has some legal information about the product and the manufacturing company, which are legally required. For example, the package contains the ingredients used in the production of the cookies together with the specific calories for each ingredient.

How Does The Package Create Value For The Consumer?

The package creates value for customers in various ways. For instance, it provides the consumer with a lot of information about the product, which makes it easier for the customers to make significant purchasing decisions.

How the Package Create Value for the Retailer and/or other Marketing Intermediaries Such As Wholesalers Or Distributors?

The package creates value for other retailers and marketing intermediaries in terms of being easily sellable and marketable. For example, the packaging contains important information, besides having brighter colors and symbols that customers can relate with.

The description of the Brand, Design, Color, and Symbols on the Package.

The packaging is an essential element in the company's brand, which helps to bring out the company's slogan, name, and product line. For example, the package contains the brand name, Oreo, the particular flavor, and the name of the manufacturing company, Nabisco. The dominant color on the package is blue. Some of the symbols used on the package include milk, which can be seen splashing, and an image of the cookie.

Discuss what these communicate and how these might aid In Promoting the Product to the Target Market.

The brand, color, and the symbols used ion the package can help in promoting the product and improving communication with the target customers because it provides information that is easily comprehensible, and in compliance with the legal standards. It also ensures the product is consistent, which makes it easily identifiable.

Describe to what Degree Environmental Sustainability Been Considered in the Package Design and Materials has.

Environmental sustainability has been considered in the packaging of Oreo cookies, given that the materials used for packaging are recyclable.

Describe To What Degree You Feel The Package Is Effective, And Why.

I believe the package is effective because it makes the product easily identifiable, besides being able to communicate comprehensible and legally required information to consumers.

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