Marketing Activity Report

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Date:  2022-05-06


BizOps enterprises are a business organization that deals in the production and supply of stylish, colored work boots. It sells these products in the global market online. Currently, it wants to introduce new products in the market. Before it launches the new product it is necessary to conduct market research on marketing environment in which BizOps enterprises can operate.In order to understand the market, it is important to conduct environmental analysis and SWOT analysis in order to understand the potential of the industry and the business.

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Marketing Environment Analysis of Bizops Enterprises

Political and Legal Factors

In the USA, there are fair business practices where all firms are free to enter and leave a given industry and this affect BizOps enterprises marketing operations. It has to comply with certain laws and regulations allowing it to do business in the country. Because of high competition, it must devise strategies that can make it more competitive although the law allows competition.

Economic Factor

Since the USA is a very stable economically, the income level of most people is high and this increases the consumption level of the citizen. BizOps enterprises, therefore, are likely to have higher sales level because there are many people with a higher disposable income.

Socio-cultural Factors

As a result of the credit crunch to ensure that there are low expenditure and the need for quality products, most customers are willing to buy products directly from the stores and supermarkets at a lower price because they have a direct link with the producer. This increases the sale volume of BizOps enterprises as it is can offer its products for sale at a lower cost as compared to its competitors.

Technological Factors

BizOps enterprises take advantage of current technology to market and sell its products. It exploits e-business to sell its products in different parts of the World. The online shopping and marketing helped it reduce the cost of marketing and also to increase its sales revenue at the end of the financial year.

SWOT Analysis


It operates in many countries

It is profitable than its competitors

It has improved the use of current technology in most of its operations


It is not highly competitive

It mainly depends on US market

Current customers are not buying many products


High competition

Threat of takeover

Labor threat

The increase in the cost of materials

Change in economic condition


Can operate in many countries

Can still increase its customer share

There are still more opportunities in the emerging market

It can still expand its online shopping

Marketing Mix Analysis of BizOps Enterprises

BizOps enterprises marketing mix helps it become one of the best performing online company. Its marketing mix helps in the identification of the primary elements required in the creation of marketing plan. BizOps enterprises use marketing mix to improve its popularity and also to develop its brand image further (Goi, 2009). The improvement of its brand image indicates the extent to which marketing mix is capable of promoting the growth and success of the business.


BizOps enterprises should make an appropriate decision on the product it wants to sell to a specific group of customers. It must focus on new product development which ensures that it produces a superior product than those of its competitors (Goi, 2009). BizOps enterprises need to update its products with features valued by the customers or which fully differentiate the product. It must also ensure that develops a product that provides greater benefits than an older one and this will ensure that it meets the needs of most customers.


Price is also used as one of the marketing mix of BizOps enterprises. It reflects what the company gains from selling a unit product which it launches in the market. From the price, BizOps enterprises can generate revenues and therefore it has to be higher than the unit cost of production but slightly lower than the price offered by the competitors.


BizOps enterprises should distribute its products to different retail shops and also sell some online where customers can easily get them (Goi, 2009). It can use online stores and mobile apps to reach its customers. BizOps enterprises can also make use of online stores to produce revenues. Online stores can be used by customers to place the order for delivery. Furthermore, it can use mobile apps to enable customers to identify the main store and also to place online orders.


BizOps enterprises apply all kinds of approaches for its marketing communications initiatives to endorse its products. It advertises its products through local televisions, offers sales promotions, public relations and direct selling (Dominici, 2009). These strategies help it engage with its target customers effectively. These strategies will help it reach many customers who have no information about its new products.


Dominici, G. (2009). From marketing mix to e-marketing mix: a literature overview and classification. International Journal of Business and Management, 4(9), 17-24.

Goi, C. L. (2009). A review of the marketing mix: 4Ps or more? International Journal of Marketing Studies, 1(1), 2.

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