Making Recycling Mandatory: Introduction, Overview, and Objectives

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Date:  2023-05-30

1.Introduction- This section of the paper introduces the topic and provides insights about the need to make recycling mandatory

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Paragraph 1: introduces recycling and primary concepts

Paragraph 2: Presents the general issue of the paper


2. Overview: This section provides a general view of the whole paper

Statement of Purpose: This section of the paper describes the thesis and the purpose of the proposal.

Objectives: This section identifies a list of goals that the paper will achieve

Hypothesis, this part of the paper provides a list of proposed stands for the paper

3. Argument: This is the central part of the paper; it entails a review of the literature to support the thesis.

Mandatory Recycling of Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) To Reduce Environmental Pollution: it is the first reason explaining the need for recycling law

The Need to Address Informal Recycling: the second reason to justify the need for recycling law

Public Participation: Third reason to justify the need for making recycling law

Consumer Recycling Behavior and The Need for Application of the Law: this section analyses the fourth reason for establishing recycling law

Economic Benefits of Recycling: this section explains the fifth reason for the proposal

4. Conclusion: this part of the paper provides a summary of the paper

Why Should Recycling Be Law?

Recycling is one of the essential elements of environmental conservation. Recycling is the process of collecting and processing waste materials that would have otherwise be disposed of as trash. This process is beneficial not only in environmental conservation measures but also reduces the cost of producing new products (Munford, 2019). From economic perspectives, recycling saves available raw materials and ensure proper use of waste to create new products. Recycling is one of the steps that an individual can take part in promoting positive environmental impacts in society and the whole world (Fullerton & Thomas, 2017); it essential for both the natural environment and the people. Recycling must be made mandatory and implement recycling programs immediately to reduce the increasing amount of waste every day.

Currently, the amount of waste products disposed of in the natural environment is a result of human activities and wealth. Many people buy more products because of the increased level of wealth hence raising the number of wastes (Sandin & Peters,2018). Besides, there are facts behind increased waste; these include an increase in population; this implies that there are more people to consume various products hence raising the amount wastes. Secondly is the development of new packing techniques that make it easier for users to dispose of. Thirdly is modern lifestyles, comfort, and luxury demands for more products for satisfaction; in the process, more of these products are disposed of as waste. In general, it is essential to consider that most of the waste products we dispose of the environment are not biodegradable hence creating harmful effects on the natural environment and eventually us (Sandin & Peters,2018). Therefore, making recycling a mandatory activity for the general population is important; recycling should be made part of the law and implement with immediate effect to save the environment, especially from non-biodegradable product disposal.


This article addresses the issues of recycling; many pieces of evidence call for the governments to make this mandatory and part of the law. The audiences here involve the government, the general population, and companies producing goods and non-biodegradable packages. Recycling is important; I found this topic of great interest to argue about because many people across the globe still dispose of products into the environment regardless of the recycling programs that have been developed by the government and various companies to promote recycling, in fact (Tsai, 2019). Most of the product packages have information attached to advising users to recycle, but, unfortunately, these products are still found in the trash. Therefore, the law will play an essential role in ensuring that this is made mandatory to all citizens and companies involved. This article utilizes various research articles to support the topic and ensure that audiences understand the need to have this as a law.

Statement of Purpose

This article aims to address the issue of waste disposal and proposes the making of recycling a law. The government being part of the audience; it would be important to consider this as a problem and create a platform to advocate for the problem and establish rules and regulations to manage the use of products, waste, and recycling. Recycling is indeed a big problem facing humanity; there are many health, environmental and economic impacts that if recycling is not made mandatory by the law, it would be of considerable damage. The article also identifies the effects of failure to recycle, including pollution, to justify the need for these laws. Besides, various research studies that identify waste disposal as a problem are utilized to provide further evidence to support the need for the law. The government and the general public will, therefore, help in the implementation ad enforcement of the law; as a result, this proposal for making recycling a law addresses them as part of the audiences.


The main objective of this argument is to propose the need to make recycling a law. specific objectives include:

To address the impacts of waste on the environment to justify the need for recycling law

To provide insights for the government to make recycling mandatory

To identify the importance of recycling to the environment, economy, and health.


To active the objectives of the argument and successful justify the proposal, the following list of hypothesis identifies a firm stand and the pint of view for the argument:

Recycling should be made mandatory to encourage more people to participate in the process

It possible to achieve a 100% recycling of products by the law

Consumer recycling behaviors determine recycling practices


First, everyone needs to note that their choice to recycle a product is one of the steps to make the world a better place be. By reducing the number of chemical wastes and non-biodegradable waste is a way participating in environmental conservation., it is, therefore, crucial for a person in the society to know that it exclusively an individual role to recycle and conserve the environment. Sandin & Peters, 2018) affirms that today there is an increase in wealth, which corresponds to the rise in consumption and disposal of waste products. Many people have an adoptee lifestyle that encourages waste of the use of more products hence disposing more to the environment. It is, therefore, a problem facing society and the entire nation; to ensure active participation in recycling, it would be necessary to make recycling a law.

Mandatory Recycling of Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) To Reduce Environmental Pollution

Recycling should be made mandatory, especially for most of the household products. Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) has been identified as one of the leading environmental problems; residents who fail to hide the company's recommendations to recycle contributes to this problem. Making recycling laws to address such issues would be n-beneficial in society. Tsai, 2019 recommends that the government should make the recycling of WCO mandatory for residents because it is cost-effective, and acts as renewable materials for biobased commodities and biodiesel. The law should provide mandatory measures for collecting and recycling such products. The authors affirm that recycling oil products are economically beneficial and help to conserve the environment; WCO products contain harmful substances that, if they are released to the environment, cause adverse health effects and harm to the natural environment. WCO could potentially cause environmental pollution because of its chemical components; the government should, therefore, make disposal of such products illegal and provide guidelines to encourage the public to recycle. Recycling of underused waste cooking oil would help to prevent harmful components from re-entering into the food chain, according to Tsai, 2019, local waste management authorities should ensure that recycling of these products is achieved.

Recycling is nothing new to many people; however, in the current society, there are many waste products deposed to the natural environment as a result of ignorance and negligence. Making recycling mandatory would, therefore, help to solve this problem. Through companies, the government has ensured that products that can be recycled have recycling symbols attached (Swain, 2017). The image below is one of the standard recycling elements that are used to advocate for recycling. it clear that this has to be made mandatory for the general population because, despite the companies indicating their products about recycling, many people do not take hid of the signs; the image below shows recycling recommendations for different products.

International Symbol of Recycling. available at:

Even though the above image has been indicated on products to recommend for recycling, users continue to dispose of these products as waste

From an economic point of view, recycling is important because it saves the raw products that would be based on production and use recycled products as raw materials for producing new commodities. It is, therefore, clear that recycling is not only important in environmental conservation but also reduces expenditure for exploring raw materials. In modern society, adverse exploitation of natural resources is a problem; through recycling, this can be reduced to a sustainable state. The more consumers choose to recycle, the more the impact will be visible. since the recommendations and advocates that have been establishing to ensure that people recycle these products seem to have failed, it's time to consider using the law and make this mandatory to everyone. Apart from using symbols to indicate products that can be recycled, it's time to make this mandatory and add legal consequences attached to these symbols to ensure active participation. It is the role of the government to advocate for this initiative and ensure that rules and regulations for recycling products are adhered to by all citizens.

The Need to Address Informal Recycling

Recycling has been in place for several years, with many entrepreneurs venturing into the industry. it is, however, important to consider the formal recycling process to ensure positive outcomes. Recycling should be made a law to highlight legal formality for carrying out the activity. According to Wang, Guo & Wang, 2016, informal recycling vendors pose a threat to the quality of the recycling process; they use Chinese residents to gather evidence on the determining factors of recycling. form the authors' perspectives; the following factors influence the recycling process, the level of income, perceptions of recycling, attitudes, and environmental awareness. Informa e-waste recycling is one of the problems facing consumers and discourages the recycling process. to avoid such scenarios, it essential to develop laws and regulations governing recycling to influence positive consumer behaviors on recycling. it is not just about making it mandatory. Still, the law should give direction on how to carry out the process, consequences of failure or informal recycling to ensure effective move, especially in the local areas.

According to David Wilson, the managing director of Vanden Recycling, in the interview,...

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