Maintenance Plan for Southern View Racing Automobile Racing Spares Store

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Date:  2023-02-06


This maintenance plan unleashes guidelines in routine, preventive, and corrective practices to ensure quality short and long-term services to tenants in the store. Maintenance of Southern View Racing automobile racing spares store is not just a state requirement but also the desire of property owners in serving the long-term interests of the tenants. The plan involves tenant-landlord agreement policies about friendly responsibilities of the tenants on damages within the tenancy period. The idea explains maintenance policies and procedures to ensure the achievement of short and long-term goals ethically and as per the States' tenancy agreement act.

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Indoor Maintenance Plan

The indoor maintenance policies and procedures involve all activities carried out within the store's premises to ensure the excellent condition of assets within its compound. The store's managers aim to keep in good shape all overseen properties within and outside the store. Additionally, these policies and procedures affect budgeting, useful lives of long-time assets, staff service contracts, and purchasing behavior in this business.

Proper maintenance involves timely and adequate record keeping, including the magnitude of work done, utility consumption, and plant and machinery warranties. Further, the records help in informing decisions made by managers of the store on the next action plan. The business intends to employ semi-permanent semi-skilled staff on one-year renewable contract terms to partake all indoor maintenance activities. Daily cleaning, provision of sanitation supplies, machinery minor mechanical services and digital record keeping of these activities are some of their daily duties. They will provide to the property supplies manager a report on the daily routine and requirements through email for decision making to ensure the achievement of short-term goals. The two main short-term goals aimed at hospitality to tenants and attraction of more potential tenants is to be a better automobile spare store and to provide hygienic social amenities for tenants.

Policies and Procedures for Routine Maintenance

Any activities prepared for daily uptake in the store majorly undertaken by the staff on contract service are under regular maintenance. The team will address issues that arise from wear and tear of plant and machinery and other accessories within and outside the store premises. Additionally, these staff will also give routing digitally compiled reports on their daily activities. This report helps the managers to manage more comprehensive information for better service provision (Harrison & Lock, 2017). This form of information management will keep it relevant to the competitive field of the storage service provider in the northern USA.

Policies and Procedures for Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is any activity done to prevent casualties and faults of machinery or insufficiency in supply of tenants' needs in future. This maintenance serves to help the store achieve both short term and long-term goals of being a competitive auto bike spares store in the northern part of the USA. Therefore, the store intends to employ mechanics, cleaners, social amenities service providers, and real estate product marketers on a one-year renewable contract. The staff will work on both indoor and outdoor units as assigned by managers. Each group will have a leader to compile daily work progress report via email to help resolve speculative challenges that may arise during the tenancy period.

Policies and Procedures for Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is restoring the proper working condition of equipment damaged either by tenants within their tenancy period or by staff in their line of duty. The activities involved here include repairs of faulty toilets, replacing vehicle tyres and so on. The replacement of these broken properties should take effect by warranties if they are still within the warranty periods hence the need for proper record keeping. Further, most of the damages touch on repairable human error (Emami-Mehrgani et al., 2016); audit will come before ascertaining the causes of the costs to make corrective measures effective. The staff will also take responsibility for doing these remedial repairs by following warranty replacement procedures as directed by managers. These measures will ensure the store achieves its long-term goal of being the most efficient and convenient storage service provider in entire North America.


This maintenance plan intends to protect the image of the store in service for a more extended period. It also will ensure that as the store provides space of development and expansion, it maintains in service the already available resources to offer in competitive excellence services in the market. Besides, strict follow up of the policies and procedures mentioned in this plan will ensure space for technological advancement to keep the store fit-for-use with changes in technology over the years.


Emami-Mehrgani, B., Neumann, W. P., Nadeau, S., & Bazrafshan, M. (2016). Considering human error in optimizing production and corrective and preventive maintenance policies for manufacturing systems. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 40(3), 2056-2074.

Harrison, F., & Lock, D. (2017). Advanced project management: a structured approach. Routledge.

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