Essay Example on Leadership in Heartland: Two Offices, Two Leaders, 14 Miles Apart

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Date:  2022-12-27


Leadership in Heartland is from two main offices that consist of a physician leader, a medical doctor, nurse practitioners, four medical assistants, two receptionists, one health informatics technician and a part-time biller. The second office has a nurse practitioner, physician leader who does not practice since also practices as an informal leader. The two offices are in the same city but are located 14 miles far from each other. The offices are in newly constructed buildings and are in strip malls together with other business.

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Potential Hiring Needs

The hiring needs for Heartland include; qualified personnel, innovativeness, and highly motivated leaders who are willing to support the aggressive organizational plan and strategy. The staff needs to be skilled and registered to the relevant authorities. The recruiting procedure should be able to capture individuals who can sustain collaborative teamwork as well as workforce planning to ensure retention and productivity. Planning of the hiring process will be an effective tool for improving and developing the human resource potential of Heartland Health. The organization's need for personnel is the establishment of the necessary quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the personnel, corresponding to the chosen strategy of their development (Chen & Lakdawalla, 2016). Their hiring needs represents the initial stage of the personnel planning process both in the civil service and in nongovernmental organizations. It is based on data on existing and planned jobs, a plan for organizational and technical measures, a staffing table, and a plan for filling vacant posts. The main task of personnel planning in Heartland is to determine the organization's human resources needs in both the short and long term.

The Relationships between Various Leadership Roles at Heartland Health

The goal of Heartland Health was simple enough: to be on the cutting edge of technology to communicate effectively with their stakeholders. After taking into account the client's needs, they present them with a personalized content strategy (Hayrinen, Nykanen, & Saranto, 2008). Subsequently, to ensure a fast update of information and the ability to manage their entire display network, they have implemented centralized management software. The entire network provides the Heartland Health with the ability to communicate vital information such as signage, important news, wireless network, social networks, cafeteria hours and more.

Strategic plan

To ensure quality care for patients, Heartland Health has optimized their processes related to the operations by encouraging collaborations between leadership roles. Their performance depends on the performance of the services that are provided by every member of the organization. For instance, nurses are answerable to the health managers as they are required to demonstrate leadership skills through the provision, facilitation, and promotion of the best care for all their patients. For health managers, the management of resources and processes in different departments is paramount. It is with this thought in mind that the process took place.

Action plan of the organization uses the Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies to define the process and measure current performance (Richards, Prybutok, & Ryan, 2012). These observations made it possible to target non-value-added activities. Solutions have been proposed and put in place to eliminate them. The proposed solutions include; reviewing the previous week's progress, being aware of the fundamental leadership principles and ensure result driven undertakings. No effort has been neglected to maintain the results and avoid a possible return to past habits. The objectives include evaluate current processes and identify sources of waste, optimize processes, organize places and methods of work, increase efficiency, maintain the level of quality of care, and educe errors. These undertakings will ensure the realization of the mission and vision of the organization which aims at cultivating vibrant and healthy communities that are guided by competent and hope-filled leaders.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a method of strategic planning, which consists in identifying the factors of the internal and external environment of an organization and dividing them into four categories: Strengths (strengths), Weaknesses (weaknesses), Opportunities (opportunities) and Threats (threats).

External Factors


1. State support for health care

2. Growth in demand for medical services

3. Ability to serve additional consumer groups.

4. The emergence of new technologies.

5. Growth of income level of the population


1. High activity of competitors.

2. Tightening the requirements of suppliers.

3. Increasing the needs of consumers of medical services to the quality of service.

4. Increased resource prices.

Internal Factors


1. Fame and stable reputation of the institution

2. Use of modern medical technologies

3. High competence and qualification of personnel.

4. High interest of employees in the development of the organization.


1. Weak management strategy

2. Weak marketing policy

3. The high cost of services

4. Lack of self-financing

5. Depreciation of medical equipment

6. Lack of highly qualified medical personnel.

7. Ineffective management of the organization


Chen, A., & Lakdawalla, D. N. (2016). Saving Lives or Saving Money? Understanding the Dual Nature of Physician Preferences (No. w21930). National Bureau of Economic Research.

Hayrinen, K., Nykanen, P., & Saranto K. (2008). Description, composition, content, usage, and influences of electronic health records: a review of study literature. International publication of medical informatics, 77(5), 291-304.

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