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Dean Haines is one of the most prominent and successful businessmen in the city of Wakanda. He is the CEO of Oxygene Marketing and Communications Limited; a world known organization. Oxygene Marketing and Communications Limited have 7 main branches and 120 sub-branches in various countries across the globe. The establishment of the many ranches across the globe is to help the organization improve its global image as well as improve on increasing revenue earning. Mr. Haines may be classified as having to Type A personality. He is rather impatient and achievement-oriented; he always believes in working hard so that the organization's goals may be achieved. He is a go-getter and is driven by results, customer satisfaction and service delivery at its best. Besides all that, Haines is aggressive, excessively ambitious, competitiveness drive, in need of control, impatient, and focuses on quality over quantity.

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How Haines Developed Management Traits

When he was a child, Haines had leadership qualities in him as shown in high school where he became a student leader. He was always ahead of the situation and always sought to provide a solution to challenges other than join the bandwagon of students complaining over the poor state of issues. The teachers and other students saw Haines ad a naturally born leader, and all respected him. He was able to lead and efficiently influence students. His positive influence over other students as well as the creation of proper cooperation between students and teachers remains his greatest doing over the course of his student leadership. As he grew older and got his first job, he gained experience in management by volunteering in a management role in school and where he used to work. Also, Haines was fluent in speech, as he was able to communicate with people of different levels efficiently. Thus, Haines was able to listen to others and work for hand in hand with them to produce quality results. Likewise, since he loved reading various texts and books, he gained the necessary knowledge vital for managing a team. Lastly, Haines was quite confident; he portrayed confidence in his abilities, experience, and decisions.

Three management traits

Some of the management traits that Haines possessed were:

Respect for Employees

Haines respects all his employees, and he does not discriminate, harass, or undermine any of the staffs. Lack of honor in a workplace is quite severe since it creates tension in the workplace. As a leader on must respect, and be conscious of the staffs' abilities and time. Also, the leader has to be able to listen and communicate with all employees and be resourceful in terms of knowledge and guidance (Bratton & Gold, 2017).


For management practice to be effective, the manager has to know how to delegate tasks and projects. In addition, a leader should not fear to ask staff to assist in task completion. It might seem possible to do everything by one's self, but in reality, this will squeeze one's schedule. Correspondingly, this denies the staff to do what they were employed to do.

Time Management

Another critical factor in being a productive manager is the management of time. For instance, if you as a manager is late daily, the staff may also think that it is acceptable to be late for work. Another importance of time management is seen when it comes to prioritization of one's day, goal accomplishment, and creation of time to communicate with staff.

Management Traits Development

It is possible for one to develop management traits in his or her life. First, one can undergo training; there are various institutions that offer management training. These institutions provide practical training to individuals so that they can be better managers. They equip individuals with essential skills that they can apply in the management process.

Second, is through education. There exists various literature, books, journals, on leadership and management. As it is known, "Knowledge is Power, "education is another formal way of helping people to understand management traits better. Books written by top managers helps to share their experiences throughout their management period (Ansoff et al. 2019). By reading these books, and other literary texts it is possible to learn and apply what others have already started, and it also allows room for improvements.

Lastly, management traits may be developed through experience. As one works in different people, different organization, and a different environment, they gain relevant experience. Experience is essential for managers, as one stays longer in a particular field, they gain this experience, and they can develop necessary management traits.

Disadvantages of Having These Traits

There exist some few drawbacks of having management traits. These traits encourage managers to embrace and be closer to their staff. Unfortunately, there are some negatives involved with this style. The closer the manager becomes with the team, the more the management lines become blurred (DuBois et al. 2015). It is essential to understand that the manager needs to be the boss. For instance, a manager who is considered by staff as a friend, and seeks endorsement may have problems reproaching or holding a team accountable for attaining the organization's objectives.

Life Experience

In my personal life, I have witnessed some of these management traits to be utilized effectively. I was working in a particular institution, and the manager possessed very incredible management traits. He used to be perfect in time management. Tom used to reach the office as the first person and left the office last as he used to ensure everything was in order. Also, Tom used to delegate tasks to the staffs. He used to ensure that every employee was assigned daily tasks, and this was important since it minimized time wastage, and jobs were effectively and efficiently completed. Finally, Tom as a manager used to respect all staff. He did not care whether the staff was senior or junior; he used to treat all of them with fairness and equality.

How to market traits in a resume:

  • Creating and keeping deadlines
  • Delegation
  • Goal setting and meeting goals
  • Decision making
  • Managing appointments
  • Team management
  • Project management
  • Making schedules
  • Coordinating events
  • Problem-solving
  • Productivity
  • Teamwork
  • Team leadership. (Psyllos 2018).


In conclusion, since I am a self-driven person, I believe that Haines may manage me. As an employee, I would want the best for my organization, and I must ensure that the required objectives are achieved. Besides, as an individual who has good teamwork skills, I can be able to work with any group of people assigned to me and produce better results.


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