Comparative Essay on Macbeth, Mr Hyde and Frankenstein Characters

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Date:  2021-04-26


Three supernatural men display extraordinary human qualities and abilities in this play. The play contains a Man by the name Macbeth who was a former intelligent general of Scotland. There is also this other smooth-faced supernatural man who had two combating personalities by the name Edward Hyde a wicked and dreadful creature and another named Jekyll Henry the compassionate and humorous man. Also, there is this other supernatural being called Frankenstein who had the power and ability to create and bring the dead back to life. The four (more precisely three but one of them being a two in one man) manifested unusual traits that are not common to normal human beings (Shakespeare, William et al, p.87). Despite having supernatural skills varying from good and bad, they both made people see them as heroes of their time through the manifestation of their good side of personality.

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Character Analysis

Dr Jekyll's character, a huge well groomed stylish man, had two combatting personalities that made him live a very psychologically complicated life of controlling two powerful conflicting personalities by the names Jekyll Henry and Hyde. He is said to be an extraordinary man who possessed both evil oppressing traits as well as good human characteristics. He unconditionally converted from Jekyll to Hyde, a character created by the same Dr. Jekyll of the darkest part of his soul, a ruthless and unapologetic man who in turn turned against his many friends in the form of Jekyll (Haffner, Sebastian etal, p. 56). Mr Hyde's character overshadowed Jekyll and later transformed into the most violent creature. The evil Hyde lived a life of hiding and sought so as to prevent his evil nature from being revealed in his kind personality. Nevertheless, Hyde tried to terminate Jekyll's life and later changed his clothes with those of Jekyll to design the cause of Jekyll the passionate and compassionate man in himself (Haffner, Sebastian etal, p. 72).

Frankenstein Character Analysis

Frankenstein is the other man who was born and brought up in Naples. As a young boy, he purposely revolved his life around scientific studies, which engaged chemical and physical science. In his creation research, Frankenstein made an ugly evil creature, which later killed one of his close associates by the name William. It continued to cause sorrow to Frankenstein by killing his close friend and his wife after he destroyed a companion that created it. This grief leads to the death of Frankenstein and most of his family members. This circle of problems ended when Frankien revealed his story to a sailor and when his creation committed suicide.

Macbeth Malcolm Character Analysis

What about Macbeth character traits, Macbeth, a Scottish confronted, bold, steadfast, intellectual man, and who was referred as Valor's minion was a very prominent hero who lived in Scotland. He lived a life of battles and raids to fulfill what the Scottish witch had promised her. His struggles for the crown of the kingship of Scotland made him terminate the life of many people as a process of covering his hidden killings. He fought with creation since his theoretical statements showed that he viewed himself to be a superhuman, by not exercising ethical leadership through his hidden ruthless nature. For instance, he once said, “Fair is foul, and foul is fair, hover through the flag and filthy air’ (Shakespeare, William, p.10). During Macbeth character development, he was influenced by evil and made himself to be above other human beings. He added Merciful powers Restrain in me the cursed thoughts that nature gives way to repose (Shakespeare, William etal, p.10).


In conclusion, the three people had exceptionally excellent characteristics. Each one of them demonstrated a unique ability and practice that was purposely to make their anxieties full but ended up causing harm to the people who were under their regime. Furthermore, their ego did more harm than good to the society they lived in.

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