Essay Sample: Exploring Social Struggles Through E.M. Forster's Timeless Classic, Howard's End

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Date:  2023-01-31


Howard's End, a classic novel by E.M. Forster was published in 1910. The novel follows three families: the Wilcoxes and Schlegels and their struggles with modernity as well as the shifting social and economic landscapes of the early 20th-century England. It is a timeless classic and still resonates today with readers, exploring themes like the importance of family, gender, and class.

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The Wilcox family is one of the most wealthy and traditional of all three families. They lead a life of privilege and wealth, with the main goal of maintaining their status and preserving their family's legacy. The Schlegel family is quite the opposite. They are artists, intellectuals and bohemians and are open to new ideas. The Basts are a working-class family struggling to make ends work and finding their place in this world.

Margaret Schlegel (a Schlegel descendant) is the protagonist of the novel. She navigates between different classes and lives through the novel. Margaret is intelligent and compassionate. She strives to make connections and understand people from all backgrounds. She is attracted to the Wilcox family and forms strong bonds with Ruth Wilcox, the matriarch of that family.

Ruth Wilcox, a wise and kind woman, understands the struggles of Schlegel families and attempts to help them. In her will, she leaves Howards End, her beloved home to Margaret and her family. This gesture reflects her appreciation of the importance family and connection. Ruth's gift to Howards End is a testimony to her belief in the importance of kindness and respect for everyone, regardless of social status or class.

Margaret and her family take control of Howards End at the end of the novel. They look out at the world and see a bright future full of possibility and hope, made possible by Ruth Wilcox’s kindness and understanding legacy.


Howard's End, a timeless classic, is still relevant today. It focuses on the struggles of three families in modern times and offers hope and understanding. It's a testimony to the importance family, gender, and class and a reminder of how kindness and compassion can have a positive impact on our lives.

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