Live the Dream: Overcoming Challenges to Become a Medical Professional - Essay Sample

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Imagine you have just accomplished your six-year medical school course. You have gone through the hurdles of having to study on loans, inadequate provisions and sometimes having to stay away from school for lack of school fees. Anyways, you are done and are extremely elated because now you will save people's lives, get a lucrative salary, repay your college loans and live a happy life with your family. You get yourself a job and just before you can commence your very first assignment, you are sent back home (Leon, 2). Reason being? You have been replaced, not by a fellow human being, but rather a robot. Therefore, you go back home with unrepaid loans and start up a community initiative program for youths. Even before the program can get moving, you are arrested and thrown in jail for failing to repay your college loans (Celeste, p8). This brings us to the fundamental questions. What is the purpose of a college education? Is a college degree worth the salt? Who should pay for college fees? These questions are answered in the ensuing discussions.

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Purpose of a College Education

Liz Addison (7) writes about a former college student who views college as a mere rite of passage. According to Mr. Pearlstein, the community has gotten it all wrong about a college degree. Yet Mr. Pearlstein is grossly wrong. A college degree is very fundamental in human existence, especially in the contemporary world. Many people are of the school of thought that a degree is meant to offer a graduate the direct entry into public jobs. Well, they may be partly right (Andrew, 5). This is because the entire education system needs to factor in an aspect that enables every graduate to get employment after completion of the courses.

However, a college degree offers more than that. It is an avenue that helps a graduate to dream, to be more creative, and to create his own job in case he cannot find one (Michael, 4). A college is a place where morality is shaped and stones of hope hewn from the hills of despair. Hope that we can change our societies someday. A college degree is therefore worth the salt. It offers the societal members an avenue for affecting change in the world.

Payment of College Education

College education in our contemporary society has been relegated to the rich and the middle-class kids in our societies. The expensive nature of colleges has left the poor kids either unable to access higher education or to study on loans that become difficult to repay upon completion (Tressie, 15). In a bid to help every American attend school, Aaron Bady (3), concedes that the government has a great obligation of making public universities free of charge. The free education will bring every American kid on the same platform as regards the attainment of education. Total inclusivity into the education system is what will spur a change in society. The contemporary seems to be providing very little financial aid to very few students for their education, yet immense power lies in its hands to effect free college education (Goldrick, 6).


A college degree has pretty much importance. It enables a graduate to change society by creating employments when they fail to secure one, to dream, to hope and to shape their morality. However, our education system seems to have failed in a number of aspects. For instance, some graduates are unable to secure jobs nor create their own due to hefty college loans. The college degrees have been relegated to the middle class and rich kids in the American Society. However, the government to make the college education free and accessible by every American Child can do a lot.

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