Literary Essay Example: Exotic Pleasure Analysis

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Date:  2021-04-02

In the short story Exotic Pleasures, the author presents story of a bird in the sci-fi story that is set in the future. The alien bird is the result of a future space travel which is the adopted by a destitute couple. The bird is beneficial to the population as it gives amazing pleasures to anybody that strokes it and the society therefore make money from the bird. However, the money-making methods that the society use on the bird come at a cost. A keen examination of the short story reveals the dangers of capitalism where the book promotes that idea that focusing too much on the benefiting from others has its consequences. The author uses various literary skills to bring about the idea and to present the case of dangers of human greed and the need for the society to seek genuine ways of economic development in the modern society.

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One of the literary skills that the Peter Carey employs is the use of characterization, and this is apparent in the way the author tells of the destitute couple and how they get in touch with the bird. There is a vivid description of the Lilly Danko and the way she had a funny face where her poor condition is used to show the effect of poverty in the society and how the same can affect the welfare of the population. Through vivid description, the author is able to employ characterization to develop the characters and to create the images of the characters to the audience. An example of characterization is evident in the description of the face Certainly there were little creases around the eyes and small smile lines beside the mouth, yet they had not always been there and she had always had a funny face.

The second literary skill that Peter Carey uses is setting, and this is where the author uses the aspect of both time and geographic location to present the story aid the author to vividly see what is happening in the story. The author used this literary element helps to initiate the backdrop and the mood of the story. The first case where the author uses setting is evident where Lilly is presented while knitting baby clothes in a beaten-up car while Mort, dressed up in a suit like a travelling salesman, walked the unseen corridors inside the terminal in search of a job as a miner on one of the companys planets, asteroids or moons. Setting in this manner helps to tell of the environment of the characters and mood of the situation on which the characters are exposed.

Finally, there is the use of metaphors where the author uses a figure of speech to make an implicit hidden comparison and this is where the author presents the dangers of capitalism to address the vice of greed in the modern society. It is a matter of great concern and the way the meaning is hidden helps to address the vice. The resemblance of the way people focus on using the bird in the story to the way the modern society focus on acquiring wealth without paying attention to the welfare of others is done through the use of metaphor. Such helps in addressing the vice and gives it a hidden meaning in the population.

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