Literary Analysis Essay on It Ends With Us

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Date:  2023-03-12


Love is a fragile material that is built from courage, tears, and hope. Love may end up in a marriage, but before and after it becomes a reunion, individuals face challenges such as violence, marriage, doubts, and betrayal. Tears indicate the rough experience individuals who have accepted to share their life as husband and wife face through doubting each other, practicing violence, and eventually deception in the process of divorce as individuals try to look for hope in other parts of the world. Therefore, I have chosen the novel - It Ends with Us since it is better to revolve around romance. The novel introduces a serious love between Lily and Ryle since they could do all things possible to see one another. Their love has been made strong by the fact that they have been childhood friends. The novel introduces Lily Bloom as the main character who undergoes an abusive relationship. Lilly Bloom appears as the narrator in the book, who was a school student that has changed her location from Plethora to Boston. Other characters that appear in the story are Lily's father and mother, Ryle, and Atlas. Ryle is a neurosurgeon who married Lily before they divorced due to an abusive marriage. Atlas is Lily's childhood friend, as well as first love also among the characters that appear in the novel. This assignment analyzes foreshadowing, themes, characters, hope, styles, and other figurative languages that have been applied in the book and how they have been used to make the story more interesting. Moreover, the discussion is going to cover the effects of abusive marriages on the individuals and how it can psychologically affect the victims, such as Lily, who has been from an abusive family.

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The title of the novel is foreshadowing. Lily comes from a family with an abusive father, "I rushed to the kitchen and tried to help her, but she never wants me to see her like this. She waved me away and said, "I'm fine, Lily. I'm fine; we just got into a stupid fight" (Hoover, 60). Conflicts between Lily's parents are something that can no longer be hidden. Lily has also been involved in the process of helping her mother from his abusive father. Ryle was abusive towards Lilly in their relationship. Lily could always complain about Ryle having no different with his father, something that has always denied, but she keeps believing in him, "I know you're nothing like my father, I say. Just . . . Please don't ever make me doubt you again, please" (Hoover 173). Therefore, the foreshadowing appears when Lily and Ryle separated after giving birth since she did not want her daughter to be brought up in an abusive family like her. Lily's separation with Ryle shows the end of abusive marriages; hence the title, It Ends with Us.


There are several themes, such as conflicts, separation, and hope. At first, Lily has a conflict with herself either to be friends with his childhood mate or not. Lily's later made a decision and fall in love with Atlas. Their friendship has gone far, and sometimes Lily sneaked Atlas into their house "He's someone I could be friends with; it'd make me feel less guilty" (Hoover 59). Lily's second conflicts with herself appeared when she was in a crossroads whether to have sex with Ryle or not of which she did not accept for the first time but later accepted and had sex with Ryle.

Another conflict that appears in the novel is between Lilly and other characters, such as her parents, Ryle Kincaid, and society. The disputes between Lily and her parents arise during the fight. Lily did not like her mother being together with his abusive father, which appear as the first conflict with her parents. Lily could also help her mother whenever they fight with his father. Conflicts between Lily and Ryle arose when Lily was injured with a cabinet door due to the strong push from the drunken Ryle. Ryle was also jealous of their marriage after finding Atlas number in Lily's phone, which led to a conflict in their marriage due to low trust. Ryle thought that Atlas might be Lily's secret lover, something that has raised his jealousy. Conflicts also have been experienced between lily and the society whereby she had accepted Atlas, the boy from a poor background. Lily also disrespected her father and brought Atlas in their house, something that acted as a betrayal since his father was a mayor, and her daughter was supposed to lead as an example.


Different characters have been displayed in the novel having varied characteristics; Lily appears as a victim of circumstances since she came from a family of an abusive father and later in her life married by Ryle, who also abused her. She was also hardworking since, despite the challenges of the abusive father, she managed to graduate. Lily's mother appears as a gentle and peace-loving since she tried to convince Lily that she is okay during the fight "I'm fine, Lily. I'm fine, we just got into a stupid fight" (Hoover 60). Lily has been affected by her father's abusive behavior since, in her relationship with Ryle, she could doubt him that he might have no difference with his father. Ryle is abusive and also brilliant since he was a neurosurgeon. Atlas is a risk-taker since, despite Lily's father being a mayor, he risked to sneak into their house to find Lily her girlfriend. Love is blind, giving a reason as to why Lily falls in love with Atlas despite him coming from a poor background other than following Ryle, who is a rich man. The symbol of true love also comes out between Lily and Atlas since they broke the traditional odds that exist between the rich and the poor in marriage practices.


The discussion gives out a brief introduction to the novel, whereby Lily Bloom appears as the main character in the novel. Lily was a school student that undergone some love affairs that made her flashback the life her mother has gone through from his abusive father. Other characters that have been discussed are Andrew Bloom and her wife, Atlas, and Ryle, who was the neurosurgeon. The discussion also has identified several themes, such as conflicts, foreshadowing, and hope. Lily conflicts with herself in two parts, on either to accept Atlas as his love and to make a decision about making love with Ryle. Other conflicts that appear are the conflicts between Lily, her parents, and society. Therefore, the discussion shows that love is a process that requires understanding, time, and patience for it to be built with the write person. The analysis also shows that despite the society around us, one should be free to choose whoever she or he can love without attaching it to the riches an example that is displayed by Lily when she decided to follow Atlas.

Work Cited

Hoover, Colleen. It Ends With Us. Simon & Schuster UK Ltd, 2016, pp. 1-384.

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