Literary Analysis Essay on Gain and Loss in 'Paradise Lost' by John Milton

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Date:  2022-05-02


The story is based on the events that faced the future of humankind. Milton begins with the introduction of the characters within the story specifically Adam and Eve and their disobedience as well as the falling from grace after the deceiving encounter with Satan. The story shapes the Gods plan for humankind and the flow of events that reshaped the pre-planned Gods plan for humanity. Different events and plans schemed by the Satan and his sons shape the future of humanity as well as positively and negatively affect it differently (Milton). They have resulted in both gains and loses throughout the book, and an analysis of the book helps the reader identify these incidences within the story.

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The Satan's rebellion results in them being cast out of heaven and the story begins with them being chained to a lake of fire in hell. This is a loss the Satan and his followers; they are demoted from their previous glory which can be seen as a loss within the story. There attempted rebellion fails, and their punishment condemns them to their current predicaments. The lose they encounter can be seen through different viewpoints such as their banishment (Milton). This lose makes them plan another war with God with the hope o redemption. The superior nature of God is captured from the prior knowledge of Gods awareness of Satan and his followers' plans.

Gains Achieved Through Obedience by Adam and Eve in Paradise Lost

There is gain from the obedient acts portrayed by both Adam and Eve. They do not struggle for much as God has provided everything for them within the garden. They receive protection from god as well as love and care. This is a clear gain indicator within the story. The obedience of the two characters both Adam and Eve is taken into account by God and its paid back to them in different forms of favors from God. This clearly depict the gaining position one stands obeying God. Due to there obedience, they get the attention of there creator and God is worried about them due to the evil plans of the devil. Having their creator worry about them is also a significant gain on Adams and Eves side (Milton). Protection against the devil is gained through the obedience portrayed by both Adam and Eve. The devil transforms in to the form of a toad and whispers to the ears of Eve but due to the protection they have gained from god due to their obedience the angel Gabriel finds Satan and as they prepare for a battle God makes a sign appear in the sky in the form of golden scales of justice which in return the Satan scurries away. All these are gained due to the obedience portrayed by Adam and Eve.

The second approach by the devil in the form of a serpent convinces Eve to betray the commands of God not to eat the fruit of knowledge. With this act, humankind falls from the mercy of God, and the loses begin coming in. The Satan is able to carry out the act when he finds Eve all alone while working and manages to convince her via compliments of her beauty and her godliness appearance (Reisner). The first act of God comes as a loss to both Adam and Eve. He asks the angels in Heaven to go and punish them for there actions and for this act he sends the Son to go and give out the punishment. The serpent, which is the animal Satan took its form is the first to receive the punishment. The Son condemns it never to walk upright ever again. This is one of the other main loses seen within the story.

Consequences of Disobedience and Losses in Paradise Lost

The son also passes his punishment to Adam and Eve; they are to endure pain and death. Throughout the book, this is one of the main lose encountered in the book. Their disobedience to the commands by God results in the losses of their precious life to death. These scares both Adam and Eve, the thought of dying seems a hard thing to comprehend. The pain Eve and all the other women must suffer pain during childbirth and should submit to their husbands. For the men, they must struggle and sweat hunting and growing the food for the family on the depleted Earth (Newlyn). Their disobedience ends up resulting in Adam and Eve losing control over the garden where they did not have to hunt or grow their food.

With all this achieved by Satan, his followers and him feel they have defeated God, this to them seems like a winning point although things take another turn. Sin and Death with other devils unwillingly transform into snakes and try to reach fruits from imaginary trees that shrivel and turn to dust as they reach out (Reisner). This shows a clear indication of the lose they encounter again in the arms of God.


After an analysis of different events within Milton's work, it is evident to realize the different gains and losses within his work and how this affects different characters as well. It also helps the reader visualize the consequences of their actions and the impact they have to them and those around them. Radically its evident that gains or losses are determined by the different decisions the character have taken up through the story.

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