Literary Analysis Essay on Eat That Frog

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Date:  2022-12-18


"Eat that frog" is completion of ideas and techniques from many influencers written by author Brian Tracy. The author talks about different ways of overcoming procrastination and makes it very accessible to people to use these techniques. The authors use very simple terms to discuss these techniques which make the book popular to many readers. The author uses his real-life experiences to advice the readers which act as tips to implement. This book provides the reader with 21 chapters with different techniques and ideas that are useful to the reader to overcome procrastination and to get more thing done. This paper will try to analyze the author's thoughts and purpose while writing this book. It will also discuss my thoughts in response to the author's ideas.

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The reason why this text is so appealing to me is because of the simple technique used by the author to write this book. It discusses the length of the techniques to apply when in need of time management system. The topic of time management is very important to most people and it was so thoughtful of the author to tackle ways to improve time management. The author uses many exercises and techniques that are so helpful to the reader and that can be applied in everyday life. This makes this text so important because it's so relatable and it discusses ideas that the reader can understand and implement easily. The book discusses the actionable steps that the reader can start right away after reading this book. The author does not many theories in this book but gives the reader a straight forward answer about productivity and how to implement it. I found the text so easy to read and understand production systems. It has an easy life hacks that can be used to improve time management. This book it the key answer to all the people who struggle with time management which is a common issue to many people.

The book "eat that frog" is an important text for the people who feel overwhelmed or stuck in their work. I like this book because Brian advice regarding productivity goes deep and answers many questions I had in mind about "what" and "How". I found he wring very motivational and accessible when in need to move from one stage to another in the workplace. He clearly explains his experience on how he was able to move from a sales representative to the manager. I found these examples so helpful since they were used by a normal person who wanted to achieve more. It was so easy to relate and unlike other motivational tips, his ideas were believable. The formulas provided in this book are empowering and are useful in personal and professional productivity. I found his methods simple, practical and effective. It was easy to follow his ideas and steps given to improve my situation at work. A used catchy phrase like "eat that frog" that a reader will not forget easily and tips that are practical.

Eat the frog" by Brian Tracey also offers the readers different ways to deal with procrastination. The authors discuss procrastination as the inevitable fog of complacency which the only solution was to "eats the frog" which means stop procrastinating. After careful consideration of the steps given by Tracy, I realized my position when I come to procrastination the book needs a lot of improvement. This is because I found some of the steps discusses by Brian, as a victim to the procrastination vice I have used them in my life without seeing any change. The book helped with the important concept but it did not give usable steps or ideas that can be used to stop procrastinating. It will help the reader when in need of setting priorities clearly or where when not sure where to start. Generally, the basic steps about stopping procrastination but I would advise when looking the deeper steps to follow when you want to eliminate this vice, this may not be your book. The text is a bit lacking and the authors should have dug a little dipper to help those readers struggling with procrastinating.

Brian's work chants a powerful motivational mantra of planning and action. He has provided some solid advice on productivity and sales. These tips were a lifesaver at a point when I needed them that most and for that reason am grateful. The successful habits discussed in the book are so helpful to the reader and it's clear the author's tips was to help you succeed in your career. I agree with many points introduced throughout the book like where Brian states "your success in life is the sum of your habits". Brian gives a mind-set tip that if one wants one to develop a habit of starting and completing tasks, will enjoy success. After reading this book I came across these tips and I did as Brian has stated. This brought a huge change in my personal and professional life. The change of habits brought me success as Brian had discussed in his book. These are useful tips about how to be successful in the book that will help you either in beginner or advanced stage.

In the book "eat that frog" the author has used an important style of repetition which is a useful trick to the reader to make the ideas stick in their mind. I agree with the author's use of this style because I have seen it work in my life countless times. It works for those readers who finds it hard to remember and for those who have a lot going in their life. After reading eat that frog the phrases have been repeated so many time that the image of eating frog stick in your mind. This image helps the reader to remember what the author intended. This gives you a clear goal every morning when you wake up since you will have an idea of managing your everyday tasks in your head. This message sticks with you whether you like it or not. I found very brilliant for the author to use this trick to the reader because it was an easy way to ensure that the important message would be remembered. The author used repetition to point out his main thesis about the book. This was a clever tactic to make sure the readers get the main message straight forward without the need or any interpretation.

The purpose of the text "eat that frog" is to help readers who are entrusted in becoming more productive in life. It has provided life hacks that have the greatest positive impact on the reader's life and that will yield results at the moment. The book also assists those who are struggling with procrastination and provides steps to help you stop that vice. Generally, the author provides some highly actionable strategies for motivation and a kick in the pants. The book makes readers to want a better productive life because it provides real-life experiences that help you see that success it attainable to you too. Many people have found this text helpful especially in the time management section while others think this book should dig a little deeper. Brian has written it with passion and unusual subtlety and sustained that tone in the entire book. This made the book popular and many phrases like "eat that frog" and "never stop learning are famous.


In conclusion, Tracy's book take action on the most important things that are happening in your makes the reader feel like the daily tasks are meaningless and unending if not understood what the greet objective is. Its inspiration bleeds into blatantly corny with actual sentences like "you are remarkable". This book is meant for chronic procrastinator or for those people who are stuck and do not know what to do with their lives. It is an inspirational pick me up a book that will help you when are feeling down and unproductive. If you follow the discussed tips this book will turn around your life for the better. It will help the reader to navigate all the challenges and complex situation in their life. This book will provide a profound impact on your working practices and the results you will achieve. It will effortlessly help you boost your productivity once and for all.

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