Life Long Learning: Degree in Engineering Essay

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Date:  2022-05-09


In the corporate world today, graduating with a degree in Engineering is not regarded to be the end of education. The lifespan of the first degree in engineering has been estimated to be at about 7 years. This is because of the dynamics in the job market in terms of technological trends and other new ways of doing things that might come along. Lifelong learning is the process of knowledge and skills acquisition to stay relevant in your given field of study (Sim & Paechter,2015). This is done due to several reasons such as self-fulfillment, career advancement, licensure requirement.

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Career Advancement

Career advancement is the upward movement of a person in terms of his/her job. Career advancement is usually facilitated by one gaining experience, receives additional professional paper such as a degree or a certificate, and completion of additional training. For one to advance career-wise, he/she requires a great deal of experience and knowledge. Advancing in career and gaining the experience is also important for one to be registered as an engineer in the U.S. One needs an experience of 4 years.Licensure Requirement

National Society of Professional Engineers is the engineering body in the U.S in charge of issuing lionesses to professional engineers. Just by graduating from university with a degree in engineering does not make one be licensed in the U.S. One must go through the Fundamental of Engineering exams to be licensed.

Proceeding to Further Studies

After graduating as an engineer, one can decide to proceed with his/her education to gain masters or even Ph.D. This can be achieved through distance learning and taking evening classes. Pursuing a postgraduate degree makes one gain employability skills and to learn new ways of working.

Majoring in a Different Line of Work

After one has graduated, one does not have to necessary major into what he/she pursued in the university. One can choose to explore other venture such as business just in case they are not interested in pursuing what they studied.

Taking Conversation Courses

After graduating, one can decide to take conversation course. This could be because he/she wants to change a career path, entering into a certain profession or just because one is interested in a certain area of study.

Moving Abroad

After one is done with his/her degree, it provides a good time for one to change a country or even a continent. The changing of country exposes one to new experience and culture. It exposes one to new ways of doing and viewing things.


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