Legalize Marijuana in the United States Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-25

Many studies refer to marijuana as a preserved mixture of brown or green crushed leaves of the Cannabis Indica and the cannabis sativa plant. It is a proactive drug that contains approximately sixty percent of tar concoction as compared to tobacco. They argue that the legalization of marijuana has numerous economic advantages to the federal government, individual states, and individual users (Cohn et al. 205). Within the United States, the industry of marijuana has developed incredibly fast over a few decades. In California, which was the first state in the U.S to legalize the use of cannabis after the reversed regulations that were made against the drug? I am sure that the advantages of marijuana are more than its demerits. This paper adversely justifies the legalization of marijuana in the United States.

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Firstly, the opposing side feels that those who smoke the drug are immoral and going against the norms of their society. Notably, most organizations view marijuana smoking as going against their standards and is unethical behavior following their stipulated rules. Besides, they fail to understand that legalization of marijuana has laundry of economic values that are sensitive to the development of an individual. Denying people peaceful co-existence is like going against their rights. Generally, these societal norms should not qualify to be a way of infringing the rights of other people. In this case, the use of marijuana should be legalized to enable the maintenance of everyone's rights.

Secondly, the opponents argue that marijuana use has numerous health complications both to the primary users and the secondary users. Their points of concern were mild health conditions such as mood swings and hallucinations as some of the health impacts. However, they forgot not to realize that other drugs such as tobacco which is more harmful to human health have long been legalized. Additionally, most scientific research has failed to provide a concrete effect of marijuana on the health of the users. In contrary, products of marijuana such as cannabidiol oil can be used to cure numerous chronic diseases such as Alzheimer, cancer, and cirrhosis among others (Cohn et al. 205). Therefore, legalizing the drug is necessary to make it accessible by health practitioners.

Moreover, those against legalization of marijuana feel that it is cost effective handling violent and chaotic high marijuana users, but failing to provide the approximated value that the authorities would incur while dealing with black market marijuana sellers after illegalization. Generally, if marijuana is legalized, it will significantly contribute to the GDP growth in all the states. Therefore, to reduce revenue loss; marijuana should be legalized in all American states.

Lastly, substance marijuana is essential for recreational purposes because it lowers cases of anxiety and stress. Additionally, it helps in pain relieving due to its similar actions more than other opioids. In contrary to other hard drugs, marijuana has no withdrawal results if one quits using it.


In conclusion, it's important to note that marijuana legalization in the US has more merits than keeping it illegal. Although those contradicting it feel that several issues surround marijuana and that it should remain illegal, several advantages outweigh the presumed disadvantages. Therefore, the United States should make the use of marijuana and its products legal.

Works Cited

Cohn, Amy M., et al. "Support for marijuana legalization and predictors of intentions to use marijuana more often in response to legalization among US young adults." Substance use & misuse 52.2 (2017): 203-213.

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