Learning Physics and Science Concepts Essay

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Different communities have varying perception about Science disciplines in schools and the best methods to improve performances among the students in these subjects. Although Science, Technology, Engeneering and Mathematics are significant in rsearch and inventions for the development of the society, the population of students with passion to pursue the courses is still low. This paper intends to describe various methods that teachers use during Physics lessons and the possible techniques can improve the performance of the learners. The essay also describes the benefits of Science to the society and the gender disparity that exists in the population of students pursuing Physics major. Through this essay, one is able to understand the perception of communities about sciences and the possible recommendations to promote scientific studies.

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The performances of students in physics for high school students can improve through monitoring the progress in several determinants such as content contextualization and the motivation of students. The teaching of content in the classroom seems less attractive as the students perceive the material to be apart from the real-life circumstances. In the school, the lessons turn into a talking resource which may influence the understanding and the results of tests. Lecturing in classroom drives the students to prefer memorizing the formulas and equations and as such, fail to understand the processes and the applications of a particular concept. Although the students might correctly state the formulas and equations, they may fail to identify the moments and the reasons behind their use.

Simulators are essential in promoting the capacity of the teachers to represent and visualize phenomena. The use of simulators helps improve the process of teaching and learning Physics (Fiscarelli, Henrique, Maria, and Patricia 18). There are several advantages of using simulators. Simulations enhance the interaction of the students with the phenomena or the objects they study during Physics lessons. The interactions encourage students to participate actively and as such, make the learning process attractive and representation of real-life processes. Therefore, teaching Physics in high school high school students becomes easier when teachers use simulation models to enhance understanding and contextualization among the students.

There has been an emphasis on the trends of college majors among students in mostly higher education. The percentages of science majors have experienced an increase in the past years. The average increase across all the STEM subjects was 11 percent especially Mathematics (Jayarajah, Kamaleswaran, et al.). The rise in the selection of the STEM subjects among the students relates to the recent high levels of wages and salaries in the employment sectors. Due to the high rate of growth of technology in the present days, the society has prioritized on promoting science technology engineering and mathematics. Most governments are also encouraging its citizens to become science literate as a way to maintain quality standards of living. The emphasis on STEM studies is to promote future leaders in the field as undergraduate education is essential in training the leaders.

In the recent years, the postgraduate education in the STEM education, especially in the developed countries, including the UK and the US, is experiencing growth and promotion. The study of the postgraduate degree is challenging in the US and the UK as only the major of undergraduate degrees is known. Most students, both male, and female return for postgraduate studies.

The aim of education is to enhance the development of an individual as a whole. Parents expect schools to develop the child's abilities in life. Education acts as an aid in surmounting ignorance and poverty. Some teachers lack sufficient content knowledge to teach science efficiently. Global competition and effectiveness are essential for the advancement of technology. However, efficiency can only be possible if physics is taught efficiently. There are several factors to consider for effective teaching (Olaoluwa, Akinwumi, and Bello). These attributes are essential for success in the classroom. The traits are personality and will, intelligence, sympathy tact and sense of humor. Most individuals relate active learning to the results in examinations and the attributes of the teacher and student without considering the activities in the classroom. There are therefore several principles that can help teachers to realize effective teaching.

Teachers need to deal with the existing ideas and concepts from the students. The tutors should also encourage students to apply new concepts of skills into alternative contexts. To improve the results, the school needs to discover technics to promote inquiry and cooperation among the students in various subjects. Active learning, therefore, occurs when students associate new ideas to the existing knowledge.

For effective teaching and learning, students need to be active during lessons. The more the learners engage in education, the more effective they grasp the concepts. Active class participation encourages students to improve their ability to acquire knowledge. Another principle for effective teaching of physics is to promote inquiry from students. Discussion of ideas enables the learners to develop intellectual and more academic skills. The students can additionally improve their ability to carry out experiments, making observations and measuring and recording data. Moreover, cooperation among the students promotes the aspects of the community in the classroom and the purpose of discussion in learning physics. There is a deeper understanding of concepts through sharing of experience and information.

To determine the effective methods of teaching sciences and especially physics, the following hypothesis was set. What are the mean scores of physics teachers' perception of effective teaching and or learning of physics for global competitiveness? Secondly, what are the mean scores of male and female physics teachers' perception of effective teaching and learning of physics for global competitiveness?

To determine the methods to improve learning in physics, there is need to involve descriptive survey method. Several teachers participate in the research. The study material is a questionnaire of Likert type on the view of teachers about the practical techniques to deliver physics content. The teachers' responses need to Strongly agree (s), Agree, (A) Disagree (D) and Strongly disagree (SA). The questions involve the principles that can apply for improving understanding among the students. The mean was assisted in giving answers to the questionnaires, and the chi-squire mean helps to test the hypothesis.

The significance of temperature and heat depends on an individual's perception towards these concepts. For a student, for instance, temperature knowledge is essential at the introductory level of physics due to several factors. Acquiring knowledge of heat and temperature underpins physics and chemistry. It relates to daily ideas and exists in almost all the years of study in high school and university. Temperature, according to most students, refers to the average kinetic energy of molecules in a substance. To understand the applications of the concept of heat and temperature that physics students learn, it is essential to follow the laws that govern temperature. The rule of thermodynamics describes and explains several facts about nature. The principle of conservation of energy enables the estimation and calculations of the energy requirements for chemical and physical processes.

The first law of thermodynamics, states that the energy of an independent process which involves no exchange of heat with the surrounding remains constant always (Jones, Rodney, and Markus, 20). The first law applies to non-nuclear operations. The principles equation summarizes that the summation of kinetic energy, EK potential energy, EP and internal energy, U equals the sum of the method of heat, q transfer and the mechanical transfer energy, w (Chen, Lingen 802-820).

EK+EP+U=q+wThis formula is essential to all processes that experience no change of matter and steady flows of fluids.

The equation also exists in simple version and helps in calculating the amount of energy transfer to and out of any activity by determining the enthalpy change after and before the process.

H=q+wEnthalpy depends on temperature and pressure, although pressure is negligible. A process is therefore endothermic when H>0 and exothermic when H<0.

The thermodynamic equation can as such be significant to determine the heat energy necessary to form metals such as iron during industrial processes such as melting in the formation of alloys and other products.

Science is in the present days experiencing recognition as a relevant field to foster the progress of the society. The development of any region is dependent on the level of scientific and technological standards. Physics is as such an essential aspect in the event of technology. Science has initiated the modern inventions and discoveries through the application of scientific principles. Most aspects of daily life which includes living and nonliving involve an element of physics. The study of sciences, especially physics enhances comprehension of the interplay of the various forces in nature. The society can understand the natural occurrences of phenomena and processes if they acquire scientific knowledge.

Science is relevant in the society since its application has brought several advances to the community. Science has been essential to modern life in several ways. The subject has altered the shape of man in fields such as medicine, transport, pharmacy, and cosmetics. The application of scientific concepts shows both economic costs and benefits to the society. For instance, the GPS system navigation system applies the general theory of relativity and discovery of atomic clocks. By the year 1995, the GPS market realized a total of M$230 and employed more than 100000 people (White, David 1-9). Governments, therefore, have a duty to provide a conducive environment for research and discovery and the opportunities to for advancing in fields of study. Companies and industries, on the other hand, should strive to gain from research that occurs at Universities and research institutes to yield relevant products. Science, therefore, is therefore significant in ensuring economic growth. However, many people avoid science as they perceive it as difficult despite its value, both in the progress of culture and the economy.

There are disparities in the way individuals of a society perceive science disciplines. Many individuals still deny that gender influences affect the results of research. Several individuals even assume that science is neutral. In situations where an examination is issued to students, the results show disparities in some STEM subjects, for instance, Physics (Bell 469). The differences in performance may be due to the biological differences in the type of activities that male students and female students prefer.

The ratio of female students who pursue Physics as their major in colleges is relatively low compared to the population of the male physics students. For instance, Saeqa Dil Virtilek in her article, states that while in college, at an undergraduate level, the population of female students who were studying physics major increased from 2 percent to 25 percent in 2006 (Bell 469). Although the growth in the number of female students in the physics classes had made progress, this was still a low value, and more campaign needs to be done to improve further.

There seem to be no ultimate policies to address the issue...

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