Personal Statement for Masters in Mathematics with Finance and Management

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Date:  2022-10-26


I am currently studying for a BSc in Mathematics with Financial Mathematics at the University of Manchester. As soon as I am done with my bachelor's degree, I would like to advance my professional ability in finance and investment by pursuing a Masters in Mathematics with Finance and Management at XY University.

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All my life, I have been fascinated by both the fun and challenges of studying mathematics because it equips one with skills to solve everyday life problems. At the same time, I have a flair for business studies because it enables me to apply mathematical calculations to real organizational cases. From my background knowledge and corporate experience, I have noted that the need to constantly make quick decisions on investments comes with possibilities of huge profits or vast losses. Therefore, I find the concept of financial investment and management intriguing because it is the only way to guarantee that a company will make the best investment decision because it uses various mathematical equations to calculate risks.

I have substantial work experience in finance and investment, from my internship in direct investment at the Huarong International Financial Holdings Limited, and in investment consultancy at Xilida International Investment Company in Hong Kong. The cumulative 6-month long experience has further aroused my interest in applying my mathematical knowledge in making critical decisions in the financial sector.

The three months I worked at a direct investment firm enabled me to demonstrate some of my greatest potentials in the financial sector. One of my outstanding achievements was working on a PS15 million investment "beauty contest" to invest in mobile technology. I played a crucial role in in the success of this project because apart from researching and planning it, I was the one responsible for close client liaison and communication. I capitalized on my ability to illustrate complex project schedules by applying tools such as critical path analysis in effective project planning.

It also came with invaluable learning opportunities. I received professional training in investment banking and developed knowledge of corporate culture and basic trading practices. Besides, it improved my Excel skills and ability to analyze the A-share market trends. Also, it is during this time that I My keenness during undergraduate training enabled me to master cash flow and break-even analysis - skills which came in handy in successful financial reporting during my internship. My regular roles included analyzing corporate valuation and compiling financial statements, including cash flow statements and balance sheets for more than 50 companies.


Being able to secure my second internship opportunity at an investment consultancy firm means I was apt to the task of providing clients with individual investment advice and financial plans. My role included providing suitable financial products to customers and helping them achieve financial goals, optimized asset allocation, as well as regularly adjusted and tracked customer status.the position also enabled me to demonstrate competent interpersonal skills as I reached out to all kinds of customer groups, independently developed networks and communicated with them. Lastly, the internship position helped me to further hone my skills in technical analyses of financial investments, risk management, and investment strategies. At the same time, it helped me identify some gaps in my skills and training that I would like to fill by pursuing the master's degree in Mathematics with finance and management.

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