Leadership and Management in Nursing E-Portfolio

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Date:  2022-07-18

My personal growth and development in leadership in my nursing career has advanced over the years, based on my e-portfolio artifacts. I have taken a lot of effort to continue with my nursing education ad have had various opportunities at my place of work to advance my career in nursing leadership. The Clinical Leadership Framework that provides an outlined concept of nursing competencies has equipped me with knowledge on; self-management, practicing nursing in the most honest, ethical, and respectful manner, the value of teamwork, and working in a safe environment (Spurgeon, Clark & Ham, 2017). The framework has also equipped me with insights on working as a team and how to communicate effectively with co-workers, for better productivity. From the Clinical Leadership Framework, I have been able to acquire more knowledge on how to set my priorities right when it comes to the process of learning and acquiring values. The framework enables a nursing professional to develop into a competent clinician, by insisting on nurses taking different roles which contribute to the achievement of goals as a team, nursing education and training, and managing services in the basis of people, resources and performance availability (Saravo, Netzel & Kiesewetter, 2017). I have been able to set career goals based on self-direction.

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My individual growth in the nursing leadership field is influenced by my religious and cultural beliefs, living an honest life, and respecting the experience of others. My personal views on leadership include setting visions, the ability to identify priorities, and mobilization of various actors and resources that are needed to attain set goals. In as much as designating authority is a relevant part of leadership, it does not stand as a significant objective in my nursing profession. Every day, I encounter various scenarios with my patients, which influence the quality of care and patient safety, including instances where I have to be informal; in these instances, I do not hesitate to display my leadership roles. These scenarios include; taking care of the needs of my patients, receiving a patient's report during the transfer of accountability, collaborating with the healthcare team, and responding to emergencies. All these activities are a part of nursing leadership (Cope & Murray, 2017). My ways of providing safe and quality patient care revolve around taking an active role in leadership training through development programs, maintaining good relationships with patients and co-workers, and keeping a positive environment.

My nursing leadership practice over the years has been enhanced through the adoption of various useful tools and strategies, including the management of my self and setting goals that ensure I am focused on my responsibilities. I believe in obtaining knowledge from others and respecting other people's experiences. Research shows that a competent nurse always seeks feedback and opportunities to enhance the development of skills (Kannry et al., 2015). I have been able to be a skilled nurse through my ability to maintain respect and positive relationship with my teammates, as well as engaging in Interpersonal Collaborative training, which has built and developed my networking skills in the healthcare environment. As a group leader and group member, I always encourage members of my team to be active participants and to focus on the success of the organization. The essential elements in delivering a successful and effective nursing service are brainstorming, planning, effective leadership, the use of effective communication techniques, and the management of available resources (Gaudine & Lamb, 2015). I show my commitment to the provision of safety and quality patient care by setting a personal career goal that ensures continuing my education and providing mentorship programs for future RN and RPN's.

Completion of this leadership assignment has enabled me to reflect on how I have grown my leadership skills in the nursing profession. As a licensed Registered Practical Nurse, I have identified that I display immense leadership skills that I had not realized before. I plan to continue utilizing my leadership skills in the nursing practice now that I am aware of what they are and how much I have achieved as a person, to encourage my peers to use a participatory approach in their patient care, all the time. Even though I can hardly view myself in a formal leadership position in the next three years, I plan to continue enhancing my nursing leadership through the continuation of education and training, to be able to function effectively n a multi-disciplinary team. I am positive that through living an honest life, full of integrity and unconditional love, I will be able to maintain sight of what I value the most, the things to appreciate and to respect in the lives of humans.


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