Essay Sample on 5 Key Elements of Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

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Date:  2023-03-07

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a concept that involves making identification of managing emotions of a person and those of others. Leaders should rely on the element to help them manage their various activities as a move that guarantees success. Understanding the benefits that leaders can derive from using emotional intelligence in their leadership process, there is a need to understand the five elements of EI. They include self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, the idea of motivation, and social skills. When a supervisor manages to acquire each of these elements, their EI level increases (Koehler, 2018). Through self-awareness, a manager gates to understand how they feel and have a clear vision of the outcome of their actions towards the people around them. The concept also enables them to know their points of weaknesses and strengths so that they can work towards maximizing their strongholds as they handle their inabilities, enabling them to remain humble and approachable.

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Self-regulation measure enables leaders to control themselves and lower chances of verbal attack on others. They never make rushed or emotional decisions, and they cannot in any way compromise their values. Their accountability for personal responsibility is increased. Working consistently towards the achievement of these goals is derived from the motivation concept, and this makes a manager great. The success of any business is based on its ability to continue achieving the objectives set at the beginning of a project or operation. The leaders manage to set high standards for themselves that keep them in line with the vision and mission of an entity (Mathew & Gupta, 2015). Therefore, it is critical that groups select people with high levels of emotional intelligence to the positions of power, for this will be one of the elements that will facilitate the growth and success of the entity.

Someone with a high level of self-awareness is likely to portray humility and the ability to understand issues. Such a person will manage to know want they are capable of doing exemplary. They will thus manage to handle any issue that is affecting their life with ease. The ability to manage their emotions will ensure that they remain as people of humility and humbleness all the time. Understanding issues is a concept that many do not have a way of managing occurrences in life (Spano-Szekely, Griffin, Clavelle & Fitzpatrick, 2016). When they are managing groups, they will be in a position to easily resolve any conflicting issues affecting the affairs of these organizations with high quality resolutions being passed. Their decisions are likely to be accepted by a significant number of people meaning that their ideas are likely to be accepted all the time.


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