Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Essay Example

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The author of Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen was born in Stevenson England in the year 1775. During the time, she was not well known, but her works and novel spread gaining popularity in the year 1869. Later in the 20th century, her literature works continued to reign receiving massive approvals from various readers. Most of her works dealt with matters about love, romance and social realism. She started her writing career in her adolescence stage in the 1790s when she wrote famous works like Love and Friendship opening her up to the literature world (Austen, 2014).

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In the year 1813, Austen wrote the Pride and Prejudice a romance novel that introduces Elizabeth and Bennet, protagonists discussing their emotional development who realised the fault behind poor judgment later escalating the difference essentials and insincerity. The author used a rural background in England that involved a family revolved by love stories, romance scenes controlled the mood of the entire novel. Mr Bennet had five daughters who he believed they would all get married at one point in their life that held the family's future happiness.

Authors key views and aims

When writing the literature work, every author has the primary purpose or objective intended to derive a particular message to the target consumers or audience. In the case of Austen, her efforts are accomplished through introducing her readers to the interconnection between love, marriage and social classes in a rural setting. The author includes her fundamental aim in the first part of the story proving her writing skills. The society believes that every man after inheritance and property ownership must have a wife to acquire identity, respect and class among his group. The love theme is accomplished throughout the story as illustrated by Elizabeth Bennet and her husband who ends in a romantic life story (Dietrich, 2016).

The author introduces the aim of affection between different people with their social classes. According to the society's perspective on property ownership and love, most of the people believe that the less fortunate in the community may lack the opportunity to relate with the rich. The interconnection is well illustrated when Elizabeth together with Mr and Mrs Gardiner in Pemberley are shown around Mr Darcy palace by the housekeeper. Elizabeth filled with doubt wonders whether she would be the princess of the castle. However, despite their social difference, Mr Darcy out of generosity doesn't hesitate to embrace them regardless of his higher class and power. Elizabeth filled with massive fantasies about Mr Darcy and marriage at Pemberley consults the housekeeper about the man she dreamt of marrying.

Strategies used to enhance the effectiveness

The strategic setting is an important writing skill to consider in literary works. The author should invent some relevant writing approaches that make the piece of work more attractive to target readers. In the novel Pride and Prejudice, the author introduces a captivating opening phrase, "a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife" (Thompson, 2015). By use of such phrases that require critical thinking, it involves the readers mind interpreting the text hence draws the attention closer making the reading process more enjoyable.

The other important strategy used by Austen in her work is writing about daily life experiences. This skill attracts more readers as they try to relate the story with real-life issues, therefore, enhancing effectiveness. The novel entirely discusses love and marriage which is a real issue in the society thus motivating application in readers situations.

Generally, stories are exciting and crucial in human learning and development. Since childhood people grew listening to stories used as leisure time activity. Authors apply this basic knowledge in construction an exciting and lively account which attracts more readers as used by Austen life situation story

Impact of the novel and the moral lessons learnt

The primary purpose of novels and books is to convey an impression to individuals and derive some moral lessons useful in real life situations. Jane Austen in her works ensured the novel had impacted moral values apart from enjoying the storyline. The love and marriage experience of Elizabeth and Darcy portrays companionship as a timeless and continuous life story. Their friendship showed that love conquers all odds and does not dwell in flaws (Dietrich, 2016). The story taught readers on the purpose of marriage; it should not be entitled to a beneficial personal perspective but enhance mutual benefit and understanding.

Another vital lesson learnt is that social class and power should not define your life partner. Most of the relationships fail to succeed due to factors related to financial status and class among couples. In Elizabeth and Darcy's situation, the social class difference did not determine their love story, therefore, leading to a successful marriage unlike other characters mentioned in the story whose companionship had misunderstandings.

Therefore, the story can be considered adequate as it involves some critical framework affecting most of the people in the modern society leading to misunderstandings, family issues, violence, separations and divorce based on minor problems which can be solved internally.


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